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Texting help?

Asked by occ (4080points) March 27th, 2008

I have a Samsung flip phone, the kind you get for free with the Verizon plan. Whenever I“m in the middle of writing a text, and someone else texts me, I can’t figure out how to get back to the text I was in the middle of composing. It’s as if, as soon as my phone receives the new text, it deletes the one I“m in the middle of writing. Anyone know how to get back to my original text?

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It might be under “drafts.” With my verizon phone, when I get a text, instead of clicking ok, I just press clear and it hides the new one and lets me finish the old.

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Wow that would be seriously annoying. I like Perchik’s idea. Seems logical.

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thanks, Perchik, I’ll try it!

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If it is the dual flipping samsung phone, I have it, and I have this same problem. But a way to avoid the confusion is; When you get a new text message simply hit the later button, because you have two options when a new text comes up to either view it or just hit later. Than you can continue writing and sending your text and go back to the newly received text by going to inbox! BOOM!

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my girlfriend has the same problem with her sprint phone. it’s just a generic phone that has very little of offer as far as an operating system is concerned. there was no fix to the problem as it was a shortcoming of the phone’s software. she upgraded her phone.

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