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Should I eat this purple mushroom?

Asked by Schenectandy (1113points) August 18th, 2008

Just kidding; I’d just like to find out what kind it is:
It’s about 2 inches long, saw it in the Lisha Kill Nature Preserve in upstate NY- we’ve had so much rain this year, the mushrooms are unbelievable.

So do you know what kind it is? I did a google search for ‘purple mushroom’, and this is all I found so far:

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That’s really strange looking. I have no idea what that mushroom is.

If you have some skills with photoshop you could touch that photo up and make it look amazing!

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Wow! First for me. I like the pic. Think I will add it to my screen saver. Do you have a larger pixil version. I love nature and her uniqueness and beauty.

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Eating any mushroom you can’t identify is extremely dangerous. There’s a high likelihood you’ll either die or get very sick.

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I’m just kidding about eating it! In fact, I’ve heard we’re getting a lot of Death Cap Toadstools in this area due to the rains as well.

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Well you might turn out like Clay Lespool but with mad drumming skillz.

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Naiss spewnerizm, xxporxs..
Yes, it takes mad bass skills to make songs about huffing glue marketable!

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Have you guys seen Mr. Claypool play live? He’s just stunningly good. He’s even better than you think he’ll be.

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I would die a happy man if I could see Claypool live.

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Every several years, someone (or a group of people) in the SF Bay Area die due to ingesting unknown mushrooms. Need I say more?

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Oh, he’s better than good, he’s one of the best.

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@Eambos: I tried to fix the brightness/contrast, but as-shot turned out to be the best.
@gooch: I think I overwrote the original when I cropped the photo, sorry!
@cyndyh: Not yet, but I guess I’ll have to check out this new band of his, if I’m interpreting xxpork’s link correctly.
@Melty: Indeed. Gee, it’s a short trip from discussing purple mushrooms to a Primusean gushfest, isn’t it XD

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Looks like a Cortinarius archeri

I’ll have to pull out my mushroom book and double check…maybe someone else will verify it before then. They can be light purple or deep purple, depending on the amount of pigmentation.

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DING DING! It seems we have a winner!

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@greylady: Thanks! All of the purple mushrooms I came across in my field guide did say they were edible- that’s why I jokingly suggested it..
@sarapnsc: Close! Ah- but I’m not in Australia!

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I love mushrooms ;)

i have some nice purple mushrooms in my fish tank actually

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@uberfliedermausman: You sure those aren’t mnemonies (that’s an anemone you use to remember something, by the way ;D )
@Eambos: Nah, I think those are all spindly and brown parasol-shaped. Keep on Truckin’.

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Hmm, should have been more specific. I was asking ├╝ber if the mushrooms he loves are psilocybin =P

Shrooms, maaannn.

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@uber- bad-ass tank. I bet Vlad loves it.

@andy- nice user-name. Lurve for the question and double-entendre.

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@Eambos: Ah.
@Knotmyday: Actually, it’s a portmanteau.. nice homophone, by the way :D

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@eambos HELL FUCKIN YEA! ^_^

@Schenectandy yes, sea mushrooms are technically anemones but act more like soft coral than an anemone. They dont just up and move like most anemones do, and they also reproduce rather quickly. Also most dont have any kind of sweeper tentacles like anemones do, or require any kind of feeding most filter feed or are photosynthetic.

@Knotmyday unfortunately that picture wasn’t of my tank, just one i found online, but i do have the same type of mushies, just not as many. I also have some nice green striped ones in there

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Take the BLUE pill!

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Well said, Andy! One might also argue that yours could be considered an eponym, and mine a syllepsis- but who wants to quibble over semantics?

We do!!!! welcome to the bloom. It’s jellyrrific

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@Knotmyday: Oh yeah- it is a syllepsis! Now what I’ve got to do, though, is convince people that mine is an etiology for the place itself…

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So you can eat any If you want to but the reasolt will be in your hands.

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@Schenectandy – Trust what GreyLady has to say! She knows everything… :-)

You know, I used to live near GL (before I met her online) and now I live in your neck of the woods! We have lots of mushrooms too – mostly look like round tortilla chips on sticks.

Does it ever stop raining here??!!!

Were you affected by the June 16th hail storm?

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if i were you i wouldn’t eat that mushroom trust me i would know. :(

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@schenectandy: He plays with multiple groups. When we saw him he was billed solo I think. He played all sort of stuff. I’d definitely pay to see him again and again.

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@wrestlemaniac: ooh, I’m sorry..

@DandyDear: Looking thru greylady’s references, I’m pretty sure that’s the mushroom! This looks just like it, colors vary, but the texture is right: So, I’ll update my Flickr page!

@cyndyh: I was looking on Les’ website- apparently he’s a mushroom hunter and is doing the soundtrack for a game called “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” for Wii!

@stratman: Do you remember when pharmaceuticals couldn’t advertise the treatment their product was meant for, so they just had people running through fields saying “ask your doctor!” – wasn’t the purple pill one of those?! Also, instead of ‘Reloaded”, they should have called it “The Matrix: Transposed”

@pathfinder: 1UP?

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@schenectandy: Ok, there’s one more reason to get a Wii. Damn.

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In order to identify a mushroom, we’d have to know what kind of thing was under the cap – gills or sponge? Are the gills connected or not? What kind of tree was it growing near or on? I’m curious if you know the answer to this.

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@rowenaz: yeah, I know, some of these you even have to do a spore print to really differentiate. It was on the ground coming through debris and I think it had thickish gills and was around poplar (eastern cottonwood?) and some pines, which on further investigation is consistent with laccaria amethystina as greylady suggested. I’m going back this weekend, though- maybe I’ll see more! I still won’t eat them though!!

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Would that also determine if it were edible? Whether it had gills or a sponge? I just have pictures and what the name is, and where they are commonly found in my book. Just curious and found your comment interesting!

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Uh oh.. I don’t know. I think we have another contender with the ‘Violet Cort’:
Apparently it treats cancer in mice!

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Yes, all of these things are used to identify the mushroom, because the shape of the bell, the stem, etc. all change depending on the growth stage of the mushroom. But sponge is sponge, and gill is gill, and they never change regardless of which stage the mushroom is in.

Because many of the sponge ones are edible, the boletus kind, and turn blue when bruised – these are the safest and there aren’t so many similar kinds that are
poisonous to confuse them with. Whether the gills are attached to the edges of the cap, or stop just prior to reaching it, is another important identification factor in mushrooms.

In Poland, (where I used to live) mushroom picking is THE THING to do, especially in the autumn, when the best kind are available (and dried for use in Bigos, a national dish at Christmastime.) Here is the U.S. there are different kinds that look the same as the European ones, but aren’t, and can kill you. I always flip the mushroom to take a look before picking – in Poland people were always dying in the autumn, because although they had been picking mushrooms all their lives, they still misidentified a batch, and once your liver/kidney shut down, you die, there is no recovery.

Mushrooms kill – who was it that died in France when he and his friends cooked some mushrooms they had picked? Chopin? I can’t remember off hand, but mushroom picking should only be done with a real expert – I’m still too scared!

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wow, thank you so much for such interesting information. I hope you don’t mind, I printed the great info you posted and stuck it in my book. Think I’ll go to the library soon and see what other info I can find. Great info and interesting, thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Have a great weekend!

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oh & schenectandy thanks for the interesting link to the violet Cort!

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Your welcome! Now I want to go mushroom picking….

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@rowenaz- it was the late King of the Elephants.

long live Babar!

And a link to stay on topic.

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Yesterday we went hiking and found a poisonous boletus, a Ramaria flava.(a yellow coral mushroom – great if you want the shits!), the angel’s death, and Amanita muscaria, the Snow-White mushroom – red with white spots… the good ones are coming in the fall!

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Ever eat Amanita Muscarias? I ate close to a half ounce of them once. Talk about a crazy night.

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magic mushroom!!

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I would never eat one of them – they can kill you! Not worth the trip. Actually, I didn’t realize those are the magic mushrooms, I just understood that they make you sick and are too easily confused with other deadly ones.

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@rowenaz they arent “magic mushrooms” but you will trip on them. That being said, its not a very good trip and i probably wont eat them again.Also as far as the whole kill you thing goes, they lose a lot of their toxicity when they are dried out. The key is once again research, know what your taking before you do it, and you’ll be fine.

edit:i forgot to mention, i didnt just go out and pick these mushrooms or anything myself, i bought them online from a place where they were properly identified and all that good stuff.

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like i said trust me don’t try it.

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I seldom eat mushrooms, because of a sentence in The Home Physician and Guide to Health, “Death usually ends this awful picture in eighteen hours.” It was in the chapter on poisons, subhead, Mushrooms. My parents used this book for first aid.

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