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When you send a letter certified mail, what's to stop the receiver from saying they didn't get that piece of mail?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38415points) July 16th, 2018

What’s to stop them from saying “Yes, I got a certified letter from them, but it wasn’t THAT letter. The one I got said nothing about owing them money.”

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Meaning “yes, I received your envelope, but the letter is not what you say”?

There’s nothing to prevent that. On the rare occasion when I worry about that possibility, I take pictures, at the post office, of the letter, the envelope, and the Certified Mail label, and then the letter being inserted in the envelope.

I’ve never had to use the photos, but if it actually went to court, the argument is generally “Why would I NOT include the right letter? There’s no advantage in that. And let them show exactly what they received.”

Judges have seen all the excuses, and I’m sure “I received a blank piece of paper!” is an old one that gets waved away dismissively.

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I have done that too, taken pictures of the process.

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Or, instead of pictures as @Call_Me_Jay said, use your phone to record a video. It’s just as easy.

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Send the letter “RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED.” The person who the letter is addressed to has to sign for it and you get the receipt back confirming the delivery.

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Have it hand delivered where they sign it and its witnessed.Much like a divorce document is handled by a service that does it the same way. They witness the entire procedure then deliver it and witness the receiver etc

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@kritiper Of course. That’s what registered / certified mail is. The trouble is, they only acknowledge that they got the envelope, not necessarily the information inside the the envelope. What’s to stop them from telling the courts that that the document inside was a blank piece of paper?

@Inspired_2write See above ^^^.

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@Dutchess_III That would be “contempt of court” and they will send that person to jail if proven. The court has to assume that both of you are telling the truth. Have a witness testify that they witnessed you sending the letter and how it was presented in the letter. The more witnesses you have to that fact, the better.

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Well, in ItalianPrincesses thread on getting paid for photographing a wedding I suggested that she send a certified / registered letter. She asked what would stop them from just saying that they got the envelope, but it was empty.
So, I asked this question.
But having the witness is a super good idea. I once had a notary sign off on something I was sending certified.

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Sounds like she has negativity issues.

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No she does not!

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It must be you, then…
You said “She asked what would stop them from just saying that they got the envelope, but it was empty.” That sounds negative!

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Yes, but saying one negative thing doesn’t mean she has negativity issues.

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And you are that certain about ALL of her issues?? She sure sounds negative about THAT issue! Isn’t that the one we’re talking about???

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I know her pretty well, as should you. She’s been a Jelly for years. She is NOT a negative person in general, but she does sound pessimistic about using certified mail. She’s also very young.
Why are you suddenly acting like you have no idea what any of us are about?

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They signed for it.

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@Dutchess_III You sound like you sit on the fence a lot. A Devil’s Advocate. So I just don’t know…

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I simply know her @kritiper. Maybe you weren’t here when she was much more active. We got to share her first pregnancy with her her. She has 3 kids now, and we interact on FB too.

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@Dutchess_III Sorry. but that doesn’t tell me anything. It’s just your POV.

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What is wrong with you lately?

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