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Jellykins who lasted this long: With the accepted decline in user numbers since the "boom" years gone by, have you found yourself perhaps more, ahem...intimate with jellies who were previously lost in the Fluther traffic?

Asked by ucme (50047points) July 16th, 2018

Maybe you now appreciate someone more & their contributions, wheras in the past you may even have been somewhat hostile or at least cold towards.
Remember…the names have been changed to protect the innocent ;-}

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Are you trying to tell us subtly that you and loli are now BFFs?

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Haha, yeah right like that could be a thing :D
Question came out of nowhere like majority of mine, not asked a lot for ages.
So yeah, no introspective element i’m afraid simply random nonsense ;-}

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Actually, no.

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Educated veteran there :D

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Are you sure that the numbers are declining? Are we getting fewer questions and fewer answers?

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Nostalgia almost certainly warps my perspective on whether we’re shrinking.

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In the couple years I’ve been here, it seems about the same. But questions about the pond dwindling are maybe the most common in Meta. I see the same answers in each thread…

Sometimes, I wish jellies would stop bringing it up. It seems to invalidate, or look down on the current pond. Which I love…

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Intimate. Hmmm….I miss those cool naughty jellies I had the great pleasure of being intimate with. Your secrets are safe with me you sexy jellies you. ( Miss you terribly! ) ;)

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You already said that, dementia can be cruel :D

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