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Are you active here?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23449points) June 13th, 2014

Were you active in the past? Right now? What has drawn your attention lately other than Fluther?

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I was definitely more active in the past. Back in 2010, I was regularly on Fluther and in the chat rooms. These days, life is a lot more busy. I have 2 more children, work full time, go to school full time, and volunteer as a mod here. Most of my time goes to work, family, and school.

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I guess so. I’ve been lurking a lot lately, with the exception of that one bird question I asked.

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I have been less active since I moved into an area with poor internet service.

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I used to answer every question fluther suggested for me. Now it’s maybe 1 in 5 or 6.

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Yes… It’s the highlight of my day.

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Yes, but less so than I used to be. Most of my posts are now from my phone during breaks at work. Between working 12 hours a day at a physically and mentally demanding job, and commuting an hour each way, I am often too drained to do much but sleep most of the time. And on weekends, well, I am an officer in an MMORPG guild, which has it’s own responsibilities; since I can only play 3 nights a week, I “work” twice as hard when I’m on meeting those responsibilities. That is time-consuming.

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I get more active when I have an unpleasant task to perform. It gives mea place to hide and get away. I also come here when I’m eating.
One of my PCs uses this site as a ping to check connectivity. Sometimes it appears that I’m here but I’m not.

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Active? My life is a perpetual excursion on a demonic hamster wheel. I hide here in a pointless effort to avoid responsibility. The wife suspects that therapy might be lingering in the near future. It is only the fear of destitution and the rising prices of essential desserts that forces me to confront reality and return to “fighting with the snakes”.

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It would appear as such. ’‘dances’’

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I used to be an all-day-every-day type, unless I was in a no-Internet situation. I’ve been spending more time with arts and crafts, and actually hanging out with real life people in the flesh, which is new for me.

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Quite active even when some would hope to deactivate me. LOL LOL What takes me away from Fluther is earning money and getting closer to God, not in that order though.

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Nope, and yes, a long time ago.

Sometimes I do a drivebye here and even less frequently do I post anything.

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When I first signed up, I was fairly active. But now I mostly lurk.

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I check in every day and try to look at my new stuff and new questions. Depending on how busy I am in the rest of my life, I may not be on all day, or like last night I was on in the evening, then ate dinner and fell asleep, and so didn’t get back on until this morning. Sometimes it’s just a time killer for me, and I’ll be between here and Facebook for an hour or two, checking what’s new as a way to put off doing anything else productive at home.

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