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Would you die for someone you love?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 19th, 2008

Scenario: You’re at some place at the wrong time and a bad man gives you a choice – kill your loved one or get yourself killed.

What would you do?

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Let’s see, I have to kill sccrowell or I get killed? Without a doubt, kill me. I could never kill someone I love under any circumstance.

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Without a doubt. If the choice is my death or the death of my husband or children, I would choose to die. No question.

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but what if your husband was asked the question??

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There is no way I could kill another person, even if it met being killed myself. I just couldn’t do it. If it was someone near and dear to me, that would just seal the deal. I could not take another life.

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kill myself. no doubt

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Absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I would get myself killed rather than killing a loved one.
And yeah, you might say “oh everyone wants to believe they will do the noble thing but when it really comes down to it, will they?”
I really believe that I will be able to face my death if it means saving someone’s life.

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@crunchaweezy, If my husband were asked the question, he would choose to die instead of one of us. Of course, then I would argue. He would argue back using his famous twisted logic. The two of us would go round and round in circles, hubby would try to pull the bad man onto his side pointing out how obscenely stubborn I am. I would argue the difference between being stubborn and holding firm for those things about which I feel strongly. Ultimately, the bad man who initially posed the dilemma would get so confused and frustrated, he would opt to take himself out instead.

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Yes, absolutely! I wouldn’t hesitate or blink twice.
I would protect my loved ones at all cost, and that means giving my own life!

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@crunchaweezy, your response above is too funny…I laughed out loud!

But…....maybe you would confuse and frustrate him so much, he wouldn’t take himself out, he wouldn’t give you a choice anymore. He would take both of you out! Then you sure wouldn’t wouldn’t have to decide!

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Well, at least we would go together. ;~)

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Kill me! I said, as the bad man started pointing the gun to me, I kicked his gun away with my left foot and knocked him down with my iron head. We both were safe.

Thank you.

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i would have to say kill me.

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Yes, but if my gf finds out SHE would kill me…

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Me; no doubt, no problem.

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Being the wily little guy that I am. I would intially agree to kill my loved one. The dude would hand over his gun to moi thinking I’m stupid enough to do what he says. Promptly, I would turn the nozzle to his dumbass and shoot him! Problem solved. =)

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if it were my daughter i would say kill me instead, because if he killed her i’d be probably in a nuthouse the rest of my life anyway. anyone else, i’d probably say kill them.

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OK. I understand that this is a theoretical Q. I have asked them myself. But I sometimes have a hard time answering them…..I keep thinking could the kind of person who would do this really be trusted? I know that is dumb…...but I am stuck on that…..

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Without a second of hesitation. I have a husband and two children, I’d give my life in up for them – without a doubt.

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depends on who if it was someone i cherished the most then it would be me, but when time comes for the blow i would first try to fight my way free, other then that it would be me.

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I agree with boxing. I’d have him set his sights on me, then do all I could to beat him to the punch.

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similar to me.

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Kill me!! I’ve seen more than enough death in my lifetime. I don’t ever want to watch someone I love die again.

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Sorry but I would have to kill the bad man, then all the good people are still alive LOLL

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