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I want to be happy come rain or shine.

Asked by jeanmay (3429points) August 19th, 2008

It is rain rain raining here. I don’t mind a bit of rain but I’m starting to feel depressed. What do you like to do on rainy days? Do you have a good rainy day memory / anecdote?

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I’ll trade you! I’m in Los Angeles and we never seem to get enough rain. And since the Sierras didn’t get enough snow (our water supply) this past season, we’re in the middle of another drought year with water restrictions. Boy, I sure wish it would rain.

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I love opening the window and hearing the patter of rain, while listening to my music and possibly programming. Although I only really like that if it’s fresh rain. As for heavy, constant rain, we don’t get a lot of that, and I spend most of my time glued to my PC so I wouldn’t know otherwise, haha.

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When it is a rainy day, and my husband is off. We enjoy putting jazz on softly playing throughout the house, cooking together, having a glass of wine and hanging out together. Rainy days make lazy days. I especially love a rainy day when it is cold enough to burn the fireplace all day… Which is rare here.

We. Get our fair share of rainy days here in South Louisiana. There is a saying that if you don’t like the weather… Wait and itcwill change.

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I love curling up and reading on a rainy day.

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hot chocolate while I’m staring at the window listening to my fav. enigma cd :)

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@flameboi… I should have added that. I love hot chocolate – with lots of those stale mini marshmellows

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yep :D mini marshmellows oh my so good!

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Lazy slow sex.

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Hmm. I had an answer, but I think I like busters better.

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The best antidote to rainy (or just gloomy) days is lots of light. I turn on every lamp in my vicinity, and light candles, too.

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have you ever tried walking in the rain – on purpose? It’s awesome.

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I’m with stratman – go for a walk in the rain, and then come inside, dry off, and curl up by the window with some hot chocolate and a book. Oooh, I miss the rain! (Not much of it here in San Francisco…)

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We get about a 100 inches a year… Other than mowing the yard, I’ve found that you can do most things in the rain that you would do when it’s dry. The walk is a great treat. We go to one of the many Redwood groves here and hike through the trees. If you start the walk before the rain starts you get about an hour of dry time after it starts raining before you feel the first drops that make it through the canopy.

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Movie marathon!

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@stratman, sdeutsch and boffin: I do love a good walk in the rain, unfortunately my walking opportunities are hindered by the whim of my young son.

@buster: I do love a good slow bonk, unfortunately my bonking opportunities are hindered by the whim of my young son.

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I love the way being inside on a rainy day feels cosy. Curing up in bed with a book listening to the ran on the roof is great. Make soup. Be introspective.

I also like to fall asleep listening to rain. It happened last night.

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@mzgator, you make rainy days sound so nice!!

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If you have a fireplace, light a fire! (inside of it, of course. :^) A nice crackling fire always lifts the spirits.

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I catch up on my cleaning, clearing out wardrobes etc. Then I sit in a comforable sofa and have a lovely coffee while playing my favourite music.

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