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Will Google's Android run on the iPhone?

Asked by gsiener (438points) August 19th, 2008

I assume someone is working on this. Any info out there?

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No. It is supposed to be the “iPhone killer.”

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I don’t think so. The Android will run on specific terminals. Unless someone hacks into the iPhone but the tech specs are different as well. Rumors say that T-Mobile in Germany will start shipping an HTC phone built for Android around November. Check these Wired news posts:
6 Reasons the iPhone Delivers Where Android Won’t
Android-Powered Phone Wins FCC Approval, But Faces Obstacles

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The samsung instinct is supposed to be the “iPhone killer” isn’t it?

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Technically it should be possible, even though Apple probably doesn’t approve. Considering that the iPhone has been jailbroken to run other apps, I don’t see why someone won’t figure out how to get it on.

As for specific terminals this is an OS and isn’t hardware specific. You can run linux on your Apple computer if you so desire…

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Apparently you’ve found a good source of information. Maybe you’d like to share? If it’s not dependent on hardware, then we should be able to run Android on our current Nokias, SonyEricsson, etc, don’t you think?
Of course you can run Linux on your Mac computer, but will you be making use of the machine’s full potential? Afterall, Mac computers are designed for MacOS X and not the other way around. Macs have evolved with MacOS.

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Good questions. From everything I’ve read, the answer to your first question is mostly yes.

As for the second, Apple hardware is mostly commodity hardware at this point, it’s more the integration and small number of component choices that ultimately lead to a better experience.

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From phonemag:

* Will the Google Android OS run on existing phones?
This is one of the most asked questions folks ask me about Android, next to what is Android? The short answer is yes Android OS can run on current hardware, but the user experience will not be too enjoyable.

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Well the OS its self wont work unless you have crazy hacking skills but there is a very good Android / Sense theme for the Ipod touch or Iphone. Give that a try. Its pretty much just as good.

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