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Can you please give me a list of videos to learn domestic skills?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13228points) August 6th, 2018

I’m thinking YouTube. Cooking, cleaning and shopping for meat and fruits.

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In my opinion, a simple book like this one for example would be more valuable.
There are hundreds of similar titles. I only use this one as an example.

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@josie O.k. I ordered it and another book on shopping will get in by September. Thanks.

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On YouTube you can learn to do just about anything. The key is to put the word “tutorial” at the end of your search. For example, search “how to clean my gutters tutorial”, “create an Excel pop-up calendar tutorial”, etc.

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Since I don’t enjoy reading, YouTube has become my goto for almost everything!!! I know how to cook but I was given an electric pressure cooker last year & that’s a whole NEW way of cooking for me. The proper name for an electric pressure cooker now days is “Instant Pot” so I go to YouTube & type in whatever food I want to cook followed by the words “instant pot” & I get tons of videos showing me the best way to prepare my meal. I’ve found that there is NEVER just one perfect video explaining exactly what I need; so, I’ll watch 3 or 4 videos to get the ideas in MY head & then I use a combination of ALL the videos that I’ve watched. in the last 8 months, I’ve become pretty efficient at creating delicious meals “MY way” just by using OTHER people’s ideas!!!

When bored with my own cooking, I’ll search the name of the particular type of food I’m interested in cooking & add the word recipe behind it. I sometimes get hundreds of videos that fit my search request so I look at the thumbnails until I see one that looks good & open that one up in a “new tab” so I can watch. Then I close that one out & continue looking at the thumbnails until I find another that looks good & I open it in a “new tab” to watch. Once again, I’ll watch 3 or 4 videos & then combine their suggestions into MY reality!!!

When I find a particular cook who cooks in a style that I particularly enjoy, I subscribe to their channel & hit the “notifications” bell so when they come up with a new idea I’ll know to go check them out. Then I do another search for what they were cooking just to see IF anybody else has a better idea!!!

Last night I accidentally ran across a good video on baking your own bread. Yes, I spent most of my night looking at other’s ideas on “their” way of accomplishing the same end result!!!

With my disability, I can’t always use current products in the way they are made to be used. So, I go to YouTube before buying a “new,expensive” item to see IF I think I can get the same results doing it one handed. I find this specifically useful on a lot of the “made for TV” crap coming out. IF the commercial makes it look pretty tempting, I head for YouTube to watch “real” people using it to see IF I think it will work for me. This has saved me tons of money & also cost me tons of money when something that looked too good to be true turned out to be as good as they claimed!!! There are people on YT that have made it their job to buy & demonstrate most of the current trending products & I subscribe to their channel & click the bell.

IF you’re having difficulty cleaning your stove, search for “cleaning stove” & look down the list of thumbnails to you see one that’s similar to what you want to do & watch it. They will often also teach you how to repair a specific problem & I’ve actually repaired some things myself thereby negating the need for a repairman’s visit. I don’t do my own repairs all the time; but, sometimes it’s so simple that I just “go for it”!!!

Need a better way to mop your floors, search “best floor mopping”. There are MANY people who are wannabe experts & some actually have some good ideas!!!

After a while, you’ll learn the best way for YOU to do your search & you’ll be surprised what great information is available IF you’ll take the time to look for it!!! YT will also recommend some good videos when they see that you’re looking for specific topics & that often comes in handy too!!!

Once I learn enough that I no longer need to watch the channels that I subscribed to, I unsubscribe so my inbox isn’t inundated with useless junk!!!

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For cleaning and general organization, it might be worth checking out the Flylady website. Several friends have said that it really helped them out by taking baby steps instructed on a daily basis.

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