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I’m looking for ideas for the name of a store I’m thinking about creating, will you help me brainstorm?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) August 11th, 2018 from iPhone

Two stores actually.

1. Sells old time candies, ice cream, maybe some other items hard to get in the immediate area, but popular in other states. Like soda, and packaged cookies and cakes.

2. A store that specializes in low carb low sugar or no sugar items. It’s not a health store, it’s just foods, candies, and desserts that are manufactured by familiar names you see in the supermarket all in one store. Maybe low salt items too, I’m not sure. Target market it diabetics and low carb dieters.

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The Confectionary

Not sure for the low-carb low sugar one.

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1) Sweets for the Sweet

2) Try and Eat Healthy

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Sweet Truth


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Corner Treat Store

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My Sweets Love
Proust’s Kisses
Sweet Memory Lane

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Sinless sweets is taken in Canada. Maybe you can use a thesaurus and make a similar name?

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You can use your real name with out doing a title search.

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Nothing wrong with using a name of a place already ‘taken.’

How many Cuttin’ Up Hair salons are there?

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@Yellowdog Ok then my suggestion is sinless sweets.

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The low carb low sugar store is not just sweets in my head. It will be other packaged and frozen foods too. Like frozen meals that are meat and veggies, I think Atkins has frozen foods? I’m not sure.

Keep the ideas coming though, you have me thinking.

I would t use my own last name, I think that’s what one of the jellies mentioned above. Maybe a combination of my husband and I’s first names, I’ve thought of that before. I think it would sound sort of Dutch.

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Ye old Tyme low sugar Treats

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Grandmas cookie jar. The cookie jar.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Sinless Sweets is a good suggestion—really good. @JLeslie then said it will have other stuff that might not fall under that banner. But that’s a good suggestion

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Local Sweets or Lo-Cal Sweets.
Renaissance Goodies.
Timely Tidbits.

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Digestible edibles.

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Low Carb Store

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1. Classic Delight/Victorian Sweets/Rural Tradition

2. Green Snacks/Snacks and Balance/Simply Healthy

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What Would Jesus Eat?

Smart Eats, and Healthy Sweets.

Sweet Dreams, and Ice Cream.

Responsible Rabbit…

Green Cream.

Yummy, and Good for Your Tummy.

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