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What are good some examples of urgent enough for "Get to hospital/clinic ASAP, but not urgent enough for ambulance"?

Asked by flo (13313points) August 17th, 2018

The ambulance wait will be way too long, but the medical issue can’t wait till the next day or something. And the person with the medical problem can’t walk to take the bus, etc.

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I think it is better to wait for the ambulance.
They are usually pretty quick, on the way to the hospital they can legally run over red lights and above the speed limit, and you get preliminary treatment while en route.

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Sweet peas up the nose.
I was cabbie in a small town, there was the one cab. I drove evenings, nights, another woman drove days.
I once took a man to the hospital having a heart attack because the ambulance was already on a call.

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@ragingloli But some conditions are just not urgent enough for an ambulance.
And look at @Patty_Melt‘s post, even for a heart attack, they don’t always have enough of them.

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When I had chest pains (I am a heart patient), I diagnosed it as gall stones.
I live in the mountains. An ambulance would take 20 minutes to get here. There is a local service for helicopters to transport you, but that airport is 10 minutes away.
My wife drove me. No problem.

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@filmfann 20minutes? That’s fast if not in a city.

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I once dated a girl that had asthma. She got an attack one evening and didn’t have an inhaler…hers had gone empty. Stores were closed. She wanted to go to the hospital. That was an example of getting medical help now, but not needing an ambulance. On the flip side, she basically stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. Thankfully we were only a minute or two from it by then.

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Simple leg fracture.
Atrial fibrillation.
Gut pain.

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I was in distress at home from abdominal pain that had been bad for a day and was getting worse. My former wife took me to my doctor, who examined me, and said, you have appendicitis, Have your wife take you to the ER.”

So, ER, appendectomy, and hospital stay, but no ambulance.

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An erection lasting more than 4 hours.

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@zenvelo We had a similar thing. Hubby had severe stomach/abdominal pain, but not life threatening, and he asked me to drive him to the hospital. We never did find out what it was, and it never returned.

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I once had a very heavy wood slab fall on my finger. It was very painful and could have been broken. After I wrapped it in an ice pack, hubby took me to the emergency room. It was not broken.
Another time, I had a severe ear ache/infection. Hubby took me to emergency and they admitted me. I was hospitalized for four days. (This has happened twice)

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A couple months ago I lost the battle between my finger and an electric hedge trimmer. No ambulance, but an ER visit.

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