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Can I add my own salt to roasted salted cashews?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) August 18th, 2018

They are not salty enough. Could I just use table salt ?

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I don’t think the “Kitchen Police” will come and arrest you.

Just don’t go WAY OVER on the salt.

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@Tropical_Willie Update I tried it. Didn’t make a difference. Maybe I should use more salt next time. I will have to buy more cashews to try again. I still have a small amount for experimenting.

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With salted nuts, much of the salt is shaken to the bottom during handling and transport.
I usually turn the container upside down, give a few gentle shakes, then turn it back to open.

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Try dissolving the salt in water, and rinse the nuts in it.

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I think sea salt is used not table salt.
If using sea salt very little is needed, its potent.

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Do you mean can you physically add salt?

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You might see if you can get some popcorn salt, which is a finer grind than ordinary table salt and made to cling a little bit better. Some of it will still fall off and end up in the bottom of the container, but probably more will stick. Morton sells some.

Don’t overdo the salt, though. Not good for you.

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