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How to avoid drama in your life?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) August 18th, 2018

Tell us a story of when you had too much drama? Humor and serious answers welcome. My university years were all drama and I am almost over it after 20 years. Also tell us what it feels like to be free from drama?

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Having roommates was constant drama. Years ago, when my husband and I were still just dating, we shared a house with his brother and his girlfriend. There seemed to always be some kind of drama happening. Lots of tension in the house. His brother and girlfriend were not the most respectful of people and there were a lot of arguments on picking up, washing dishes, having loud parties, etc. Eventually we avoided each other completely until we all moved into our own places. Now we’re all okay with each other and drama free. You’d never know we had such a bad falling out but it was pretty miserable during those months together.

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I don’t do drama. I was completely shocked by the level of drama that a man attempted to create a few years ago. I was around him for a few years and I realized early on that he liked having ups and downs in the relationship and he hung up me a few times which I didn’t know people did beyond the age of 13, and then only by silly girls. I had always assumed drama was a product of spoiled women but, alas, I know that the man version of drama is something that creates a short-term friendship. That is hard for me to admit because I still have every friend I’ve ever had. I don’t get into friendship-ending dramatic scenes. Ever.

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Walk away, if you can. Life is too short for such things.

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My life has always been interesting.
When I was born, my mother was single. In a short time she felt the pressures of parenting closing in on her. She left me at my daddy’s doorstep with a note. My daddy was away, working on location for a movie.
Fortunately, the two men who lived with my daddy and found me. They were pretty surprised, and a little bit confused. They didn’t know anything about taking care of babies, and it was a rocky start. After a while they got better at having me around.
When my dad came home, he was totally clueless. He had to catch up with what his friends had learned.
Years later, I was living with my mommy and two little sisters. Mommy finally decided to get married. This was because she met some man and fell in love. The man was an architect. He had three sons. We went to live with them, and it was weird but we tried to not let mommy know we felt like that.
The new daddy had a maid. We never had a maid before. At first we didn’t like her, but we adapted.
When I grew up, I moved out on my own. Well, I wasn’t all on my own. I had two roommates. Things were pretty great. We got along so well. One day, one of my roommates told us she was going to leave. Splitting up hurt, but we promised to be friends forever.
We needed a third roommate real bad, or we would not be able to pay the rent.
Life got real dramatic then. We got our third roomie, but he was a man! We knew our prudish landlord would never go for that, but this guy was a really good cook, and we needed a roomie who could cook. So, get this, we told our landlord the man was gay! It was not true, but we managed to fool the landlord for years.
Eventually I got married.
My husband left me when our son was just entering his teens. After too much struggle, I was offered a job in California. My son and I packed everything we could fit in, and on the car, and left New Jersey.
My son was not happy. He had difficulty adapting to the new environment. He got into fights with some local boys. I was very busy trying to do well at my new job. I gave my son some advice and hoped everything would work itself out.
Talk about drama! My son got this puppy love over a girl from a wealthy family. Somehow this made things worse with the bully kids. Fortunately our maintenance man taught my son some karate kicking, and those bullies stopped bothering my son.
After my son was grown, you would think my lifetime of drama would become mellow.
I remarried. We moved to a nice quiet little neighborhood. Things were so nice.
One day, a newlywed couple moved in across the street from us. I was so excited. I thought it was wonderful. Oh, but gosh no. Once that couple moved in across the street, all sorts of crazy things started happening.

Things appear from thin air, then disappear again. Sometimes it snows, in California! In broad daylight! But only on our block! My husband never believes me about these things, but I know what I see. I have a theory. I’m pretty sure the wife is a witch!

The drama never ends.

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1) “No darling, your bum does not look big in this”
2) Fire housestaff by email because them crying & begging offends my soul
3) Asthma sufferers, never turn to crime because you can run but you cannot hide

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Avoid people who react overboard on little things as one knows that they will overreact on the bigger things too. They are attention seeking individuals, so walk away from the fray instead of giving them the audience that they crave.Stay calm and do not engage in arguing as this is the weapon of the weak and its bait to get you into a fight.
Sometimes just being silent will send them away for a better audience.

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Don’t make waves.
Be tactful. Diplomacy is everything.
Acknowledge what the other person says.
Give credit where credit is due.
Don’t jump to conclusions! Remember that there are two sides to every story.
Be sure to say “please” and “thank you.”

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Don’t cause drama and run from any not worth your time.

The only drama I deal with is from fluther, a tiny bit at work, and possibly a tiny bit from my town. If it’s avoidable, I avoid it.

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I think a good thing to consider is, remember how well you swim before you head for the deep end, and if your very best move is doggie paddle, stay away from the high board.

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Walk away. Quit following. Avoid when you can.

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I don’t know what it means but I wish I could stop creating it…I only want and understand respect and peace and love…but I guess not because I cause drama…I never got to know what the word means but only because no one tells me and I don’t know bad things…I guess I still do them and wish I wouldn’t..if only someone would tell me what was wrong with me and could help me…everyone knows after all that asking a question to your mom is bad behavior…. :’( but something is wrong with me…

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How old are you?

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