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If you were a painting...

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) August 19th, 2008

What would be on your page? What would the dominant colors be? Just paint your picture, but give no details about why you chose what you did.

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I would be the small dot on the giant white canvas.

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Un Corazo’n.

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I would be a splattery mess of red, blue, green, pink and yellow..

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i would be dark shape like a shadow on the canvas.

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I would be a mess.

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no you wouldn’t, would you like me to paint you a picture of you. :)

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I wasn’t referring to my apperence.

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i meant your appearance in topic to the question. (i feel stupid now)

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I’d probably look like a Rothko.

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I’d be a sillouhette with vibrant pop art colours..

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I would look like a David Hockney painting, or a drawing by Keith Haring.

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I’d look like a table full of dogs.

Playing poker.

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I would be all done in vibrant jewel tones (like Morroccan colors), but with the addition of vivid green. I am a nature scene on good drugs.

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Big plain areas of intensely beautiful color, and some black lines indicating something
going on, like text only unreadable.

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Right now… abstract with a mix of purple, grey, blue, red, black, white and silver – and probably finished off with some splatter

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maybe a picasso for me.

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I would resemble a painting by Oscar Bluemner.

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I would resemble this poster link . My human PET would know that he was there to serve me my TUNA. Now excuse me I have to clean my tail before napping,,,,

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