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If Trump went to prison, what privileges would he have?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) August 24th, 2018

Would he be placed at one of those ‘soft’ prisons, like the one in North Carolina where Bernie Madoff is residing? link

Or would he more likely end up in a rough prison like the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary? link

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The crime of—what? Winning an election because of the electoral college?
What would the crime be?

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Collusion with Russia, violating campaign finance law, treason.
And that is just apparent stuff.

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rococo furnishings.

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Not all prisons are the same. He’d get one of those plush, laid back, spa, resort type prisons.

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Well, I guess he would still have his security clearance. I wonder how that would work out.

Maybe he would get to be where his friends are.

I hope @Yellowdog sticks around. He’s a real weather vane. When he turns, we’ll know the wind has changed.

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Hopefully he would win the prison award for softest mouth.

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@Jeruba I’ll stay in the background—I’d leave for all the time, stress, and mental space Fluther takes, but quitting Fluther I’m finding difficult when things keep happening.

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I’ve tried to quit too! Damn. I can quit smoking, but I can’t quit Fluther…..

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He’ll never see prison, he’ll pardon himself and move to the Ukraine !

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I bet they wait until after his presidency is over to go after him. If so, these next two years are going to be an agony for him.

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The obssession of the american…nah fuck that, the international plebs would be his comedy dvd of choice during recreation hour.

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Trump would give new meaning to the term “orange is the new black”.

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Depends on what he goes down for. It would likely be a prison with a golf course.

Keep in mind. This president made a huge downgrade from his golden tower, to the Whitehouse. Any prison, would seem like Hell, I would think.

If he were my cellmate? He wouldn’t be allowed to sit on my toilet. But, he would need to keep the toilet pretty anyways. He’d be wise to keep it real clean, because he’d have to use his toothbrush. I would expect his deserts, and most meats, at lunch. I might let him wear his wig, on the 3rd Friday of each month. I would sell his ass, and mouth, for tradable materials. And he would listen, or I’d slap him around, and make him sleep on the floor, by the toilet. I would love a “stable genius” janitor/whore, to make my time more tolerable…

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There’s a white collar crime prison in Florida. They used to call it the Country Club. I don’t remember the actual name & can’t even remember who in DC ended up there. It would be close for Melania & the kids to visit him & still be home before dark!!! I think it has a golf course, tennis court, Jacuzzi, & numerous amenities. Bet it also has a concierge.

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