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Vitamin B complex for more energy?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) July 27th, 2007

I have just tested positive for Lyme disease, and Epstein-Barr aka chronic mono; symptoms are lethargy, droopiness and feeling unrested after sleeping. MD suggested a course of B complex for 3 months. Anyone had good luck w. this?

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i don't know about vitamin b, but i would caution you to take the lyme disease very seriously (i guess partially depending on how recently you got it). you've likely read basic info (like this: but just to say from personal experience that my cousin has a very severe late-stage case because it wasn't treated promptly with antibiotics, etc.

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As soon as I had gouged out the tick, I started on a course of antibiotics, but acc'ding to blood work, must have had some earlier elusive case. The area where I live is the epi-center of the disease in the lower 48 and we are all experts. The tick larva is the size of a pin head, doesn't tickle when it crawls on you and doesn't sting when it bites...You need a magnifying glass to see that it is a tick and not an Oreo crumb.

Doc suggested the B complex w/o remembering that the caps come in different dosages, so now I have to badger him again. Probably will ask the more user-friendly nurse. So my query is also about size of dosage..50 mg or 100 mg/daily?

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B complex vitamin will boost energy. I have not had Lymes but have used B vitamins and have researched them also. Be careful of Naicin a side effect is it will make you itch like crazy! It will also make you red due to vessels dilation.

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