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IF 2016 presidential found invalid, what's up legally?

Asked by dabbler (18896points) September 2nd, 2018

Let’s say it is proved that hackers from wherever actually modified vote counts in key parts of key states and tipped the electoral college vote…
Do we hold a crash election? Who’s in charge? ..Pence rode in on the same fake election result. Paul Ryan is next in line.
Do all the federal office appointments made in the past two years get invalidated? How about that Supreme Court Justice?

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Well, I would assume we’d then fire the asshole who never should have won in the first place, and proceed from there.

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Robert Reich discusses annulling Trump’s presidency here.’t-just-impeach-trump-annul-his-presidency

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I read the question wrong. I thought what if the president was an invalid?

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Bush lost to Gore in FL…

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And that turned out for the worse, didn’t it @gorillapaws. But still, no where near the utter train wreck we have with trump.

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@canidmajor that is exactly the kind of info I was hoping to find, thank you !

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Glad to help, @dabbler, I’ve been wondering this as well. :-)

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