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IPhone 3G cases?

Asked by fortris (683points) August 19th, 2008

I have the Belkin silicone one, and had the Belkin slim-fit case, but I’m not ready to settle down with either of them. I’m thinking about this one|IP3GSoftTouch but their may be better ones, anyone have any suggestions?

Preferred hard plastic or silicone, no rubber or leather. Nothing that bulks it up considerably, and PLEASE no ugliness. Stylish and nice to look at ONLY.

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Incase ” slider”. Can only get them on their website right now, other colors coming soon.

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@babirurtle36 Ask someone at an Apple store for an iPhone 3G slider case, they usually have them in the back. My friend got one that way. But I had the slier for my old one, and it added way to much bulk.

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i like the one that youre looking, too bad i dont have an iphone =(

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Check this out. It’s a wooden case. Pretty cool.

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Protection minus bulk; you can “invert” your case color as they come in the same hard plastic black and white as the iPhone’s back. I have the black and it looks identical to the black underneath minus the Apple logo. Needless to say not a blemish on the iPhone finish or bezel.

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It has done a perfect job protecting my iPhone from falls, includes a great protective film that you put on the screen, and is only $20!

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If you have enough money… how about diamond studded cases… :) I couldn’t help saying $15,000 case for piece of crap $300 phone. uhhhh?!

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