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Connection between painful bladder/urination, vhanges in vision and psoriasis?

Asked by curiouslillady21 (33points) August 19th, 2008

Rheumatologist/immunologist asked if I have pain when I urinate, which I always do, then asked if I’ve had problems with my vision, which I do (slightly mottled kinda like when ur lightheaded, + black spots), then asked if I have psoriasis anywhere, which I do on my neck/scalp. He also made note of fact that I have white blood cells & traces of blood in urine. He ordered more blood tests (inflammation markers, and ??).

Anyone know the connection between the painful bladder/urination, vision & psoriasis?

My other symptoms (for sev. yrs) incl. horrible sick/burning feeling all over, daily 100–101 fevers, joint pain, chills, muscle aches, daily headaches, frequent migraines, severely painful 7–10-day periods, burning/cramping pain in sides (colon?), swollen lymph nodes (dr. wasn’t concerned), feet turn purple/swollen, fingernails & toenails turn blue, rash on chest/shoulders/upper back (possibly tinnea?), nausea, stomach pain/acid reflux, sensitivity to temp….

PS—ANA, RF & Lyme were neg. & no infection in blood or urine.

I hear “complex,” “mystery,” “odd,” etc. a lot… ;-)

Thanks 4 ur help!

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Autoimmune problems can cause some mighty strange combinations of symptoms. A particular kind of kidney disease can cause skin problems, vision problems, hearing problems, as well as the kidney problems themselves. I have positive markers for ANA & RA, but do not have lupus or RA, as of yet. I do have kidney disease, and lots of other autoimmune crap, and some of your symptoms sound like my own. Good luck, I hope they figure out what’s going on, so you can get some relief!

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call Doctor House

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Hi Curiouslillady. I’m a doctor, and will try to help. Many of your symptoms (at least the ones you asked about), can be explained by one disease, psoriasis. Many people believe that psoriasis is simply a skin disorder, but in fact, it can affect multiple organs. Psoriatic arthritis is extremely common and could explain your joint symptoms, interstitial nephritis due to psoriasis can explain the white and red blood cells in your urine, and eye involvement is relatively common in psoriasis (the questions about the blurry vision).

Now, as far as I can tell, this doesn’t explain all of your symptoms, including the fevers and muscle aches. Another autoimmune condition this could be is mixed connective tissue disease. If you look at the symptom list, I think you’ll find it matches your situation closely.

I’m sorry your condition has been so difficult to diagnose. Sometimes autoimmune conditions can be very difficult to nail down, and, I would add that if your doctor continues to draw a blank, you might also consider an infectious disease and/or other consultations. That said, despite how badly you must feel, I would encourage you to be patient as your doctor tries to work it out. It sounds like he is doing all the correct and necessary tests. Good luck.

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@shilolo: You seem like a good doctor, and a good guy. Thanks for taking the time to answer our health questions!

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im with RandomMrdan, but just ask your doctor what he thinks it might be

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@augustlan , You got that right!! He’s a great guy and very helpful to us all.

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As a fellow sufferer, I can only tell you that I get a lot of the same symptoms, and my doc racks them up to psor.

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