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Points of Intrest in Burlington, VT?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) August 19th, 2008

good restaurants, thrift store, and good corner shop for tabletop games, anything you got. Somebody told me there’s an opium den around…

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ah my hometown and i get to be the first to answer?? Wow—I’m blushing. But I must admit it has been many years since I have lived there, but I did visit a few weeks ago. So…Church St. has a whole array of delicious eats. What do you like? Vermont Pub and Brewery has good atmosphere if you want to sit outside, as does the boathouse which has recently revamped it’s menu I believe. There you can sit on the deck and enjoy the sunset over the sailboats. It’s pretty darn amazing. For thrift shops check out battery st jeans. The cool coffee shop is Muddy Waters, good sandwiches at the Red Onion across from the main entrance to city hall on church, or Kountry Kart (yeah it really is spelled that way) for sandwiches and late night drunk food if you are of that persuasion. I still haven’t checked out flatbread, think that’s on pine, but I heard they have amazing pizza. For breakfast Penny Cluse on Cherry st is very well liked. I never got over the fact that it used to be one of the original Ben and Jerry’s locations so I don’t go there, but everyone loves it.

If you are of age, for bars check out Three Needs (total hippie bar), Red Square—they have live music or a dj most nights…

Also if you like to be active, rent a bike (you can rent one right at the bike path at the bottom of college st) and ride along the bike path. its gorgeous. go north and stop at charlies. it is an amazing place off that path that is a snack bar/boat rental. the people who own it are amazing and really old and speak in old school vermont accents, its very authentic.

More food: three tomatoes, sweetwaters, Stone Soup is amazing for healthy food. They have an amazing salad bar and fabulous baked goods. Best for brunch or lunch.


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Go to the Kennedy Brothers Factory Market on Man St in Vergennes. Antiques, outlets, crafts. Get a piece of fudge too!

Go out on the lake and look for a sighting of Champy (the Lake Champlain monster).

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@Marina—he’s called Champ : )

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Marina’s mention of fudge also reminded me to tell you to check out Lake Champlain Chocolates. The store is on Church and the factory is on Pine if you’re heading south. You could check out oakledge park on the lake and the chocolate factory at the same time. If you want a fun place to get groceries, check out City Market. It used to be a dinky co-op called Onion River food co-op but now they have expanded. They have a salad bar and lots of good prepared foods for munching. You HAVE to check out the samosas they have by “samosa man.” They have many different flavors and all are delicious. My friend and I ate several a day while we were there and they are also great plane food if you are traveling.

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@emilyrose I know, but we who love him sometimes call him Champy as an endearment. From the wiki(legend), which seems like a good primary source for this:”, or, in some regions, Champy, is the name given to a supposed monster living in Lake Champlain, north-eastern North America.”

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what a nice term of endearment : )

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when i was a kid my summer camp was called “Champ Camp” ; )

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My favorite Burlington activity (having lived there for 8 years) is First Night Burlington! We still try to get back every year. It starts about 2:00 on December 31, and goes until midnight when there are fireworks.

In the summer, I’m a big fan of the Mozart Festival, and our favorite venue is Shelburne Farms. Actually, Shelburne Farms is great. And the Shelburne Museum (a museum of “art and Americana”) is a fun place.

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Shelburne Farms is amazing. I wish I had remembered to say that! I went on my last trip home. Also check out Bread and Puppet in the summer. About a 1.5–2 hr drive from Burlington, but someone I think everyone should see at least once. Unless you’re conservative—then you’ll hate it.

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