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How likely is it that ill get strep throat in this situation?

Asked by deni (23141points) December 18th, 2009

I’m picking my boyfriend up at the airport at 4 tomorrow. He has strep throat and is contagious for 48 hours from now said his doctor. I haven’t seen him in a month and a half. Honestly, not kissing him is out of the question. So how likely is it that ill get it too or does anyone know any ways to prevent it if I know ill be in contact with someone who has it? Side note, I never get sick really, I don’t like doctors or pills, I’ve only had one prescription in my life so getting it then curing it with pills is an option id like to keep at the bottom of the list.

This sucks!

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Cover you mouth with saran wrap and go for it.

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The only way to prevent it is to minimize exposure. That means a lot of handwashing, and sanitizing of surfaces.

There’s a glitch in that plan, though. If you’re swapping spit, that’s a direct route for the infection to get in. I would try to avoid it as much as possible, and have him gargle with Listerine before (and you after!) you kiss. It’s not a surefire way to avoid it, but it will help.

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It would be best to avoid fluid exchange for at least 72.

I am with @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities on this one.

Make it a jumbo roll of saran wrap.

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Strep is pretty contagious. More then likely you are going to end up with it. AND Strep will only get better with antibiotics. Only other options is to NOT kiss him for a few days. Think of it like this….................To get enjoyment by his return, you will have to take a pill to fix it. It is a trade off. And I’d say a fair trade. Have FUN!!! You Go Girl!!!

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I’ve known some people who have never gotten strep no matter what. My husband is like that. I guess it depends on your immune system. Plus I do not know if this is true but I always heard if you had your tongsils removed that you will not get strep. I use to have it as a kid till mine was removed and I worked in a day care and plenty of children would get
it and cough on me and sneeze and I never caught strep. So maybe if you don’t have your tongsils you will be ok. Good Luck with that. :)

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@Pandora I’ve known many people like that. I wonder what the heck the difference is. I don’t get it easily but I have had it.

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@NUNYA No pain, no gain! Love has no bounderies. On my honeymoon night I got gravely ill with a fever of 104. It just came on sudden. My honey laid next to me all night even though I told him he shouldn’t. I didn’t want him to get sick. My skin was scalding to the touch but when I would shiver, he would just wrap me up in blankets and his arms. By morning my fever broke and he was also drenched in sweat from my body heat. Luckily like I said, he never did get sick. God looking back, nothing in our marriage ever happened like normal people LOL

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@Pandora has a good point.


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Fffffuucccck. This is an unfortunate situation. Ill talk to y’all next week when my throat is swollen shut ho ho ho. I’ve never had strep. :(

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@deni At least you’ll be able to type. Talking is overrated anyway. LOL

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@pandora @chazmaz….you are both right. F health. Its overrated as well. Lol

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I just had strep and my husband didn’t get it. I took antibiotics right away and my sore throat got better within two days. I still washed my hands like crazy, and we definitely didn’t kiss…I can’t imagine wanting to when your throat hurts that bad.

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I vote for enjoying the kissing and just taking the pills if you catch it. Antibiotics are only harmful if you’re taking them regularly for every little cough and cold.

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@downtide that is the path i have chosen. :)

to add to this predicament, his flight just got cancelled. >:|

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“to add to this predicament, his flight just got canceled”

Awwww, honey. I am sorry to hear that.

You know… I don’t have strep throat. ;-)

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me too chazmaz me too. and believe me….i know ;)

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@deni thats terrible about the flight. I hope he manages to get another soon.

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@downtide he did and it actually worked out alright, he was gonna fly into philly then we were going to his parents in new jersey, but now he’s just flying into pittsburgh tonight and staying here. that cuts about 5 hours off my driving time lol

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update for all yalls future reference: i did not get strep throat and i did not get sick in any other way either. WOOP WOOP! :) :) :) :) :) :) ): :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Yea, well I got jealous. :-(


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This is a bit late, but….I’ve made out & shared drinks with both of my girlfriends while they’ve had strep. They didn’t take any antibiotics, & it went away on its own. And I never got sick.

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