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Condoleeza Rice a VP?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 20th, 2008 from iPhone

is she qualified for the job the most now more then ever since she’s well educated in former USSR/present Russia.

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I would vote for her.

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Not likely. There has been some speculation about McCain picking her, as outlined in this article:

However, the article says, as I have heard, that Rice has persistently said she is not interested in the job. The same speculation is favoring either Tom Ridge or Mitt Romney. I don’t think Romney would bring anything substantive to the ticket. Ridge is popular in PA, which is considered an important swing state. He was governor there.

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Rice plans to go back to California and teach. I do not believe she wants to serve in a McCain administration.

I would never want her in that job anyway. I think she has been a complete toady to Bush. She has not done anything to promote peace and goodwill in the world. She leaves her post with the country the most-hated it has ever been.

None of those things make her qualified to lead in my opinion.

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Please no! Check out this Condi-dedicate Blog,

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No. No. No. As much as I may have respected her years ago, she has become a mouthpiece for Bush’s lies and seems to have no problem spouting them (even in the face of clear contradictions).

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Cant stand her!

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In honesty, 3 or 4 months ago I would have choked just reading the idea of her as VP, but on the other hand, compared to Palin I take Condi any day of the week.

At least she lies and deceives like a professional politician with an educated elitist background, so you wouldn’t have to fear the mom from Wasilla decides to help the world along a little on it’s way to Armaggedon, so we can all hover physically into the sky to meet the heavenly father and his carpenter son.

Honestly, I’m very democrat, but Condi over The Hockey Mom sounds like sanity coming back. At least we know those politician games and won’t have to fear for our lives cause Palin has a hard-on for the end of days.

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She is a reprehensible, ultra right wing, Bush-groupie (who once accidentally referred to him as “my husband”!).

There aren’t enough words for me to express my total hatred for this woman.

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