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Can you watch sports on tv all alone?

Asked by yesitszen (1961points) September 24th, 2018

Or do you need to be with buddies to enjoy the game?

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Yes. I usually channel surf while watching sports. More chicken wings for me.

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I have no problem watching anything on TV in solitude, including sports.

I actually prefer that, and watching it with my wife, to watching it at my brother’s house, or at this other guy’s place.

When I watch it by myself, I can sit here at my PC and at least listen to the TV. When I’m at either of the other aforementioned locations, there’s less chance of getting a good seat, there’s no PC access if I want to reference something, and I can’t just wander into either of their kitchens and help myself.

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I don’t watch much sport on the TV but when I do I don’t feel alone. I am aware that thousands of others are watching too.

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I will watch by myself.

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Preferably alone.
I can’t stand (sports) know-it-alls.

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I usually watch alone when watching one of the college teams from my state. I don’t like screaming and yelling at a TV. However, during most of these games, my brother, who is watching from another state, texts me often throughout the game which is fine with me.

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Both pretty much are the same for me, mates & family can add to the atmosphere, but watching alone has its merits too, not least of which is the concentration is better.

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Yes. I mostly watch figure skating, and occasionally gymnastics. It’s more fun to watch with my Mom, because she “gets it”.

I don’t like to watch with most other people, because they constantly ask questions about everything: what’s that move? Is he really going to wear that outfit? Do you actually know Michelle Kwan? Is he gay? Can you do all those spins? What’s that Asian chick’s name? Fuck! She just fell on her ass! Why did she fall, I thought she’s supposed to be the best one, but she fucked up, huh? What do make of that outfit, seriously, feathers? Does she have glitter in her hair? Can you do the splits like that? Do you think that couple is “doing it” or are they brother and sister?

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Depends on the game. Some games I really want to pay attention to. Others, I prefer company.

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I prefer to watch the mud wrestling alone.

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