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When watching a sporting event on tv, say, football... do you do anything else simultaneously?

Asked by yesitszen (1951points) September 24th, 2018

Knitting? Texting?

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Eating chicken wings. Also listening to YouTube. Phoning family.

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I only “watch” sports on TV when my husband turns to it, or I get together with friends or an alumni club. I barely actually watching the game. I’m either talking to friends, or cooking, or doing work, or playing on the Internet. Even when I’m in the stadium, my attention on the game isn’t great.

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I look at my fantasy team now and then when I watch football to see how I’m doing.

I don’t do anything else when I watch baseball.

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I sometimes pick up my mobile phone during the quiet moments or even a book. I’m not much of a sports fan.

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Read the paper. Play Words With Friends. Check fluther. Check email.

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Solitare or Freecell on my kindle.

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If I am in a social situation at someone’s house I buck up and pretend I’m interested.
I do not watch games ordinarily.

I also don’t understand why people yell at the players on TV during games.

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When my team or whoever I bet on is winning, masturbation is not unknown.
I jest of course because as is widely understood, we have staff fo…wait, WHAT!?!

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I only watch figure skating on TV. It is the complete opposite of what I have seen people doing with football.

Everyone is dead silent, except for when somebody falls, or misses a jump, then there is a sad sigh, or someone will sadly say, “Oh dear” or “what a shame”.

Even though we have a favorite skater who we would like to win, the other skaters are also appreciated, rather than hated, and we feel badly for them when they fall or miss a jump too.

Even though it is a competition, we love to see each skater do their best program, rather than seeing one skater win, because another skater screwed up.

There will still be a “best” skater if every one of them does a “perfect” program, because the skill level, number of jumps, types of spins, and difficulty level of each element will be different in each program, even though there are “required” elements.

You have to watch every single second, because if you blink, you will miss something. We try to record the shows, even if we are watching live, “just in case”.

In the meantime, the phone will not be answered, and my father is instructed to answer the door, and not let anyone in, unless it’s the police or the fire department, Lol.

No food is consumed, lest ye have to look down to pick something up.

At the end, we sometimes lament that they seem to have scored someone wrongly, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s “our skater” or someone else. The better skater should always win.

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Usually play guitar, or fidget with something.

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