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Early Christmas hype and decorations in the stores, love it or hate it?

Asked by canidmajor (14476points) September 24th, 2018

We are officially into Autumn (up here in the North anyway), and stores have started to break out the Christmas stuff. A few shelves at first, then a breaking wave of decorations and music and shiny stuff.
The people I know are sharply divided on this. Some hate it, some love it, nobody seems to be indifferent.
Where do you stand?

Personally, I love it! The shinier, the gaudier, the twinklier, the better!

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Hate it! Too early. Hobby Lobby started right after 4th of July.

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Hate it. It looses it’s luster when it’s going on for half of the year.

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I live in Texas. I was in a grocery store somewhere in late August and they had already brought out the Christmas crap. I went to a manager and told her that they were starting way too late. They should have started several months earlier, or better yet, kept the Christmas stuff up from last year. She agreed and apologized. I was being facetious, but the poor thing actually believed me. What idiots!

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I am OK with it, but I wish they would wait until Halloween is over, like they did when I was a kid.

I love Xmas decorations, so it’s OK.

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Christmas should be illegal.

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I find it comes on too early and too pervasively. It feels like wishing your life away and caused anxiety in some years.

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I’m indifferent about all things relating to Christmas.

What I love is that the porn stores around here, have perennial seXmas decorations! ;-D

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I am not crazy about only because it shows how commercial Christmas has become.

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@Incoherency_ :: you missed a amazing opportunity to use perineumial instead of perennial.

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I am okay with Christmas being an all winter celebration with color, lights, happy music, but before Halloween is early autumn, and rushes us into that winter mindset.
If they wanted to extend Christmas into January, by leaving decorations in place, and having festive activities or treats I would be all for that, but before mid November is just too early, and I resent the pressure.

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Hate it. I like Christmas decorations and such, but I don’t prefer to see them before the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Putting it out too early just makes it all more stale. It’s just one of the downsides of capitalism, unfortunately.

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I’d prefer the Christmas stuff be after Halloween, but I don’t hate it when it’s out earlier. Spreading out the Christmas receipts makes it a little easier on the store employees, which I like.

Chanukah is early this year, so there will be a slight shift for earlier business in some categories, especially toys and children’s clothing. Black Friday will be too late for gifts that need to be sent to grandchildren for Chanukah regular mail.

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There is a particular time for Christmas, the rest is pure commercialism.

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Raised Catholic so I’m ok with it. The “ber” months leading to Christmas were the happiest times during my childhood.

This sense of seasonal “joy” is deeply embedded psychologically though today it’s less if not almost zero in potency.

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@flutherother, I actually think the opposite is true.
Businesses use that 25th deadline as a pressure point, tripping people out about shop your heart out because the date might get here and you missed something.
I think if Christmas was more a winter holiday, with pretty colors, music, treats, joy to brighten those otherwise grey days, shopping fanatics could relax some.
Pushing Christmas early is just annoying. I doubt it actually does much for sales.

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