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Would you want a room off of your bedroom?

Asked by JLeslie (56417points) September 25th, 2018 from iPhone

I saw a house with a small room off of the master bedroom. I think it would be great for a new mom to be able to have her infant practically in the master bedroom, but not quite in the room.

Assume no children in the house, but you are married, would you rather have a totally separate bedroom that you could use as a study, sewing room, exercise room, or any way that you would like; or, prefer a space directly off of the master that is practically part of the larger room.

The house already has another two bedrooms, which can be used as guest rooms or whatever you like.

People do visit often, so one idea I was thinking of was to make a sitting area with a table and chairs for morning coffee like a hotel room. I remember John Travolta once saying he has a table and chairs in his bedroom to be able to eat in his bedroom with his wife like a hotel room.

Part of me thinks a totally separate addition “bedroom” is better. Make an exercise room or something.

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I lived in a 5 bedroom home that had a little alcove room for the bed off the main bedroom for the rest of the furniture. It was very nice.

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I would use it as a private sitting room for reading, breakfast, etc. I might go with more of an overstuffed chairs and coffee table set-up rather thank the table and chair one but to each his own. Might add a radio/stereo as well.
An exercise room would be good as well but in my case I know what style would get more use and exercise is not it although a nice open space for yoga/meditation might be nice as well.

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The space is about 8” x 12” I feel like I should have mentioned that.

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I have a little area off my bedroom. I use it as a reading room and a place to play my guitar.
My guns are locked up there too.

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I could use it as an audio room. My current room doesn’t have much room for my stereo system, nor do I have any room for an electric keyboard (I ended up selling mine on Craigslist). So I could certainly see having a dedicated music/audio room off the main room. What I really want, though, is a private bathroom :P

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8×12 ? Heck I believe what you have is an unfinished closet. Let’s ask @ucme.

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Personally I wouldn’t. My flat is small but I don’t need additional space. If I did I would prefer a separate room with its own access to a room off the main bedroom.

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We have that now. We use that room as an office, and as a den with a foldout couch that my nephew uses when he sleeps over, but mostly my Mom and I watch our British Netflix shows, and read up there in that room, while my father prefers to sit in his recliner downstairs and watch airplane documentaries.

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@Kardamom Wouldn’t you rather it be a separate room altogether for those uses?

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No, we had the option of having a door into the hall, or no door leading into the master bedroom.

My Mom and I mostly use it, my Dad almost never uses it. My nephew used to come over all the time when he was little, and my Mom would read to him in the foldout couch bed before he fell asleep, but it was easier for her to attend to him in this separate area without a door.

We also have my room, and an extra bedroom for other guests, including my brother and SIL.

For now, my nephew is still young enough, and content, to sleep on the foldout couch. When he’s a few years later, he can sleep in the guest room, or on the couch in the living room.

But my Mom prefers it the way it is, so the office is right there, but still a separate area, and she likes to drink her morning tea and read the paper in there.

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Thanks to everyone.

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I would love, love a little room off the bedroom!

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