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Examples of solution someone thought of but decided "They must have thought of that" about?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 26th, 2018

Edited: It could be a well known story or a personal story.
That is, something that affects the public in general. For the personal part, say you’re walking driving etc., and you see a problem (or you read etc., about), which comes up over and over again, and you thought There must be a flaw in the solution, because it’s so straight forward to solve.
Is there a story that you know of where someone was told “I wish you could have come to us with that solution.”

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I know there are multiple times I felt that, but I will have to mull it over.
I remember one of the times was when a town was trying to come up with ways to prevent flooding. There is a river smack through the middle. Some springs, it gets so much run off, it would Flood downtown businesses.
I thought of what I felt was a solution, but having no engineering training, I never submitted my idea.
I thought the large tubing used to divert water through culverts under highways could be installed upriver of the town, and either filtration be employed to make the captured water useable for the residents, or safe storage for the water to be released in late summer when the river ran low.

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@Patty_Melt Thank you, that is a big one. Imagine the same rivers flooding and people rebuilding. Plenty of ideas originated from non professionals. So, just submit it anyway, I’m thinking.

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