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In NYC, what is the longest blade allowed for a pocket knife? And do you have a best model to suggest?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) August 20th, 2008

I get different answers from different law enforcement officers: 3”, 3.5”, the blade can’t be lockable, etc. Where can I find the regulations that describe what is in fact allowed? While at it, can you suggest a good model? I work in an office, with no need for pliers.

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i’d try a gerber swiss knife i have one of those it looks like this, it’s the second one.

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Here are the regulations. 4” appears to be the max blade length, and non-locking, as you say.

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it aint easy going thru court or police department security with something beyond 3 inches. anything less or more would have to be checked in or even confiscated depending on agency. good knives are for you and your personal needs outside of slashing or cutting somebody. hunting, fishing, etc. if it is for your job, just dont show up to court or police departments with it. smith and wesson knives are good though.

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I am a Gerber fan

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Looks like the locking feature disqualifies everything but Swiss Army pocket knives or the Micro models by Leatherman (which I have).

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Wow… those are some pretty limiting regulations. My favorite knife to carry is a serrated Gerber Evo Jr. But it locks. And it qualifies as a “gravity knife”, I guess, since I can open it by applying centrifugal force. But those are two of the requirements of a good knife, in my book (I’m talking knives, not multi-tools with knives).

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