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Why was nothing about Russia mentioned in the NYT article about the Trump tax records?

Asked by Yellowdog (6775points) October 3rd, 2018

I’ve been hearing for almost two years that evidence for Trump’s dealings with Russian oligarchs were in the Trump tax returns, and the reason he would not turn them over is because of his dealings with Russia.

Well, where is it?

How strange that the IRS hasn’t uncovered any of this, but that’s a separate topic.

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How do YOU know what the IRS has uncovered?

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Could be me, but I thought we’re talking about Fred Trump’s tax papers here, not his son’s.

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Well, we haven’t seen the president’s tax returns. Whatever somebody might have suspected about them, we won’t know until they’re released.

This was a newspaper article and not an IRS report.

The article was not about Russian connections. It was about Fred Trump’s fortune, how he built it and how his offspring acquired it without paying due taxes on it. And how his son Donald managed to purvey the fantasy that he was a self-made billionaire when he was actually the beneficiary of his father’s largesse and a whole lot of paternal bailouts.

The NY Times article is thoroughly researched, to all appearances, but it does not claim that Donald’s tax returns have been seen. It’s based on a whole lot of other evidence, but not that.

Are you saying that if a report fails to corroborate some rumor you heard, the rumor is disproved? Do you think that the absence of some piece of information from a newspaper story proves that a thing did not happen? I’ll bet there are a lot of things that aren’t reported in newspapers but actually happened anyway. Our whole lives, for example.

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@Yellowdog, by all means, do ask the writer of the article this question, the come back and tell us. But I suspect that the answer you get will mirror @Jeruba.’s That was not the subject of this article.

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Not relevant to the article which is about tax dodging. Why muddy the waters.

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I’d love to know WHY it’s taking the IRS over 2 years to audit The Donald’s returns!!! Could it be that they’re still laughing???

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Because Russia has nothing to do with it?

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It is because all the Russian & Ukrainian diplomats and couriers brought cash only to the New York airports and were met by Trump family members. No Customs or IRS involved.

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