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How do you find the best movies and TV series to watch in Netflix, Hulu and Amazon?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24241points) October 7th, 2018

Do you just google top 100 lists or you have a unique system of your own?

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Generally by word of mouth from friends. Occasionally, I’ll stumble on something while perusing the listings.

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I greatly miss the days of video (later, DVD) rental stores. Everyone wandered around the aisles, looking for interesting titles and getting recommendations from the staff and other customers. Sadly, that experience is lost forever.

Now, I keep a running list of films that might be good, based on published reviews and comments from family/friends. If I see one pop up on Netflix or a premium channel, I’ll watch it.

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Some I have already heard of. I know what types of things I like, and what genres I don’t like.

I scroll through, and if something looks interesting, I’ll read the blurb, and often some of the reviews. Then I’ll add or not add depending upon what I read.

I have also watched great shows and movies that were recommended by friends, and people on Fluther.

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