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What is your opinion of this artwork?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) October 10th, 2018


How does it make you feel?

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The animals are fun.
To me.
The human is spooky.
To me.
Looks pretty pro.
To me.

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Does pretty pro mean pretty professional?

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To me?

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Thank you. You were going all poetry on me so I wasn’t sure!

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They do have tribal and prehistoric feel about them. Might need to make it more ivory-ish and add a little bit of cracks here and there to make them more belivable. They’re also polished way too perfect to make them pass as ancient artefacts.

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They seem morbid, and dark, to me. I don’t like it…

It’s well done stuff. It’s just nothing I would like.

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@Unofficial_Member I don’t think she was trying to pass them off as “artificial artifacts” or anything else other than what they are.

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Looks like they had fun making them. I like the crazy teeth. But probably more craft than art.

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Morbid is great.

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