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What do you get if you click on f for facebook above the following Kavanaugh related NYT article?

Asked by flo (11139points) 1 week ago

It’s about Kelly Virella’s NYT’s article here:

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…Under the pictures. below the heading.

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It takes me to a page with two womens faces and an offer to post the article to my Facebook page. I declined the offer.

Is one of the pictures your face?

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I see what @elbanditoroso saw.

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When you click on the logo for Facebook? If so, I don’t get it. I guess because you’re logged in to Facebook? The pictures I see is under the heading of the article, (before clicking on f for Facebook), which is 10. 10 women’s pictures, one is holding a basket…
When I click on f. I get just almost an empty page of facebook that invites me to create an account or log in.
What if you log out of Facebook and then click on f? Thank you both.

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It’s not that I’m logged on to Facebook; it’s that there is a browser cookie or something somewhere that Facebook checks when I go to a link at Facebook, that Facebook consults when deciding what to show. Since it’s a link to share something on Facebook, the code of that browser page checks the cookie to see if the browser has stored your Facebook login credentials.

If it doesn’t find a Facebook login, then it has to ask you to login or create an account to share the link on Facebook.

If I log in using a web browser with which I have never used Facebook before, then Facebook fails to find that info, so it redirects me to its login page:

“Log in to use your Facebook account with The New York Times.”

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@elbanditoroso No that’s not me in the set of pictures.
@Zaku Ok. So, how did it decide to pick the 2 women’s pictures out of the 10, by the way?

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@flo I don’t know how Facebook pics which image to use these days. Years ago, before they removed the feature (because they are that kind of development company, always redesigning and removing features to suit their idea of what users should be able to do), you used to be able to pick which of all of the images on the page at the link you were sharing, you wanted to appear in your message. Now it does it for you, according to whatever logic they programmed it to use.

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@Zaku Very What a nightmare, ....or something.

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I just got the article. I assume they want you to log in to Facebook if you want to share the article there. There are sites that ask you to use your FB account log in to get in but I never have.

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