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Can you please help me BS?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39543points) October 11th, 2018

I’m filling out yet ANOTHER application for another school district in order to sub / or get a permanent administrative position. This is the 6th one in a week and I’m getting a headache. They all ask different questions, but this one threw me for a loop.

Can you help me answer the following?:

1) State briefly why you want to be employed by USDXXXX
I can easily come up with reasons I’d love to be employed by some of the other districts, but this is my least favorite one, to be honest. So what do I say?

2) How do you see your role as a member of the USDXXX education team?
I don’t know! If I was applying as a full time teacher I could probably answer this more easily. If I was applying strictly for an admin position I could answer this question. But as a sub I’m not really much a part of anything.

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a. “I really need the money.”
b. “Your place is a shitshow. I intend to clean it up.”
c. “You have the sexiest students.”

a. “I will do whatever you want. Did I mention I need the money?”
b. “I will run the place in 2 years time. With an iron fist. And you will love it.”
c. “I will make sure that your district has the best sex education in the country.”

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Or you could just pretend that you are answering for one of your preferred schools.

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Say the same things you would for the other districts for question 1. They really don’t care.
Same on second question.

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I really can’t @Chyna. They’re too specific. One district I love because I live here, and I’m part of the community.
The other is a very, very small district. Tiny district. You have between 5 and maybe 10 kids per class. Graduating classes in the past consisted of 12 to 20 people. It isn’t much higher than that today.
The High School, Middle School, and Elementary schools all face a common court yard. They all interact with each other and that’s what I love about that district.

Those are the only other districts that asked this question.

I hate this even though I know they don’t care.

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OH! And BTW….the title of this dang application is:

I looked it up…it might be correct but it sure is clunky. It strikes me as a spelling error that they just got lucky with

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Is there a lot of competition for these positions?

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For sub? No. They NEVER have enough subs. In fact I signed up at a small district on Tuesday and I barely got out the door before the sub coordinator called me for work the next day.

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That’s what I thought.

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Here is how I answered #1: I have always enjoyed teaching in USD 470. I appreciate the classroom sizes, and the willingness of staff and other teachers to help out with suggestions and ideas.

#2: I look forward to playing an active role in the education of today’s young people, whether it is in a teaching capacity or an administrative capacity.

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That certainly sounds as good as they should expect from an applicant with a good grip on reality.

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So the answer to #1 is “Because I’m broke, desperate and trapped in Kansas.” As for #2–I would think your role would be defined by the requirements of the job.

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LOL! #1, pretty much!

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1) To exchange my experience, skill, and time for a negotiable instrument.

2) Supporting permanent staff by being available when they are not and sustaining their educational process by upholding scholastic, social, and disciplinary standards.

It’s not BS, though. Writing BS is not in my job description. It’s just a statement of the case (make money, fill in for teachers) in other language.

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“I’ve always been very passionate about being able to afford food.”

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“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.” You’ll think of something.

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I did. It’s just generic crap, but it’s true. Boring but true.

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I agree just answer how you would if it was a district you were excited about.

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Isn’t the fact that you are part of the community and love the district relevant? It sure would be to me.

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You didn’t read that quite right. I am not part of THAT community. I’m part of a neighboring community / town / school district about 10 miles north of there.
I don’t love THAT school district. I love a different district that’s about 10 miles west of here, in a tiny little town of barely 2000 people. I love that district. It’s my favorite district ever.

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