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What's the farthest you've been from home in the past month? the past year?

Asked by Jeruba (51915points) October 15th, 2018

This is a question about distance: how far from home have you been recently?

Some of us get around a lot; for others it’s a really big deal to travel 100 miles, or even 50.

So—not asking where or how long, just how far in a recent interval.

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I live in Atlanta and I was up in Seattle a couple weeks ago for work.

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Oh, probably Twin Bridges State park. About 200 miles? Maybe 150?

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2854 km (1773 mi)

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So…that was two questions: distance in the past month, distance in the past year. They’ll be different unless the past month has been your maximum travel month.

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180 miles in the last month, around 2000 miles in the last year.

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Mine was 5th of September.

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I am 350 miles away from home every work day, but Mrs Squeeky wins this she and her sister went on a 3week tour of China a few weeks back.

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A day I’ll always remember, @rebbel. No. Wait. That was the 3rd of September.

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400 miles last month, 4900 miles in last year.

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2,700 miles.

I live on the West Coast. I travel to the East Coast at least four times a year.

I have also had two vacations 1,200 miles away, and two more 1,900 miles away.

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I returned recently from Casablanca which is 2,100 miles from home. In the passed year I spent some time in Chongqing a distance of 5,300 miles.

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Over 5000 miles.

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Past year: 2594 miles
Past month: 46 miles
All in the US.

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Hats off to all of you. Some of you are really champions, as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t been as much as 60 miles from home since April of last year.

I do see a lot of foreign movies, though…

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I was in Los Angeles earlier this month, so that’s about 600 miles away. I was also in Wisconsin earlier this year, which is almost 2000 miles away. I haven’t left the country this year.

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The first time I left town in the last three or four years was to see a doctor about a hundred miles away, twice. That was August.

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I was in Alaska in July. That’s 2300 miles.
Last week I was in Vegas, which is 630 miles away.

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I’ve never left Red Deer in 5 years.

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Past month: I was at Disney this past Saturday. My GPS says it’s 59 miles away.

Past year: I think Boca Raton, FL. 240 miles. 13 months ago I was in NYC, my aunt had been placed into hospice and I flew up for a couple of weeks. That’s 940 miles.

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The past year, i went to Los, Angeles once, about 400 miles, but I rarely travel more than 20 miles in any month. I am going on school field trip next week, driving 30 miles, which I consider a long way.

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7000 miles
Not a joke

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Distance in the last month: 822 miles driving.
Distance in the last year: 2737 flying, plus an hour of driving on each end.

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In the past month it’s been 75 miles. In the past year it’s been 800 miles.

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3000 miles several times.

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In the last year I’ve been about 2800 miles from home. In the last month, probably 80 miles or less.

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