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When Sean Connery dies (he is 88 now), what's a good way to commemorate his life?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24739points) 3 months ago

Would the British Secret Service close for the day?

Would all the “Bond Girls” carry his casket?

Would people all over the world drive their fancy sports cars at high speed?

Will there me an international shaken-not-stirred revival?

How shall the world plan to remember him?

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I will mumble all day.

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Every guy for the day who’s a fan reintroduce themselves to everyone they meet the “coolest way” which is of course the Bond way.

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Walk on the beach in a tweed suit or a tuxedo, with an umbrella and a Beretta,

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Nothing will surpass his body of work when it comes to memorials.

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He should be remembered as well not just as Bond but a pretty good versatile actor. My favorite Connery movies are The Name of the Rose, Medicine Man and Hunt for Red October.

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Darrell Hammond should do his spot-on, laugh-out-loud funny impersonation. (“Your mother, Trebek”) The humor would be a fond fareware and a tribute to Sean Connery’s career.

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Cast a statue of him flying Little Nellie from “You Only Live Twice.”

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Well, we ought to all have a martini, shaken…not stirred. HOWEVER, if you are a purist and a fan of the original stories, we ought to all have a scotch and soda.

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Binge watch EVERY Bond movie he was in followed by EVERY other movie that he was in…reminding yourself what it was that you loved about him!!! I hope it is a long, long time before we’ll need to binge watch!!!

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By donating to a battered women’s shelter. He was/is a wife beater.

According to his first wife and comments he has made over the years:

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A minuteshh shhilenshh.

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