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Do you think this ad for a memory foam matress is some sort of bad joke?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38787points) 2 months ago


I don’t even know what to think!

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It has to be a bad joke, I wouldn’t let a dog sleep on that thing.
And $50, good luck with that.

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Sometimes memory foam would rather forget.

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“Stains are from previous owners”
Are the previous owners in jail for murder?

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Right @SergeantQueen?! It’s like someone was stabbed and set on fire. I can NOT figured out if this person is serious with this ad.

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I’m guessing there’s some sort of mental illness going on with the author of that ad.

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Jesus Raggy. I saw a news article earlier today where they fired a night security guard at a museum because they got him on tape having sex with a 2500 year old mummy.

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What can you say, some like ‘em old!

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Has it sold yet?

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I’m just thinking how bad must the underside be?

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I don’t know @chyna. I REALLY want to ask the guy selling it if it’s a joke. But if it’s not, and he’s just batshit crazy, then he’ll know my name.

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“Has it sold yet?”
I guess you didn’t win the grand prize in the lottery, @chyna? ~

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@chyna,...wait wasn’t that your “murder bed” that you just replaced?

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@rebbel No, and now I need a new mattress because someone was making fun of me for not winning.

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@chyna So, how were the blondies?

Dutchess_lll's avatar

I thought she sent them back…

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Delicious! You should have sent more than 2 though.

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You got it wrong. The add is a good joke. It’s a composition—a lurid depiction of what is probably a crime scene with the seedy contents of the tacky room framing it perfectly. All that is missing is a title appropriate to the wretchedness. How about “What the Mattress Remembers”?

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