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What is the ugliest/least attractive last name you've ever heard?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) June 29th, 2011

This is the opposite of the sexiest last name question.

What last name have you seen or heard that is just down right horrendous? Is there a celebrity that has this name?

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I gotta’ tell ya’ “Weiner” stands at the top of my list.

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In my case I think of this disgusting man I new name Hart. He was heartless inside and out.
Good one.

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Beulah Balbricker.

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@erichw1504 I flagged it for the mods. That was a little too personal. Although it does sound like that.

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@Blondesjon “Have you seen this prick?”

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@worriedguy Haha. So many Wieners/Weiners. I always thought I would change my name if I had that last name, but my cousin kept it even when she married.

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Hands down it is . . . Kuntschick. And I know a woman who changed her name back to this maiden surname following her divorce. I think I would have stuck to the ex’s surname, unless it was Wiener, of course ;-)

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MacDougall stands out to me…

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@pshizzle OMG. One of my Weiner cousins married a MacDougal. Not sure how exactly he spells it. That is just bazaar.

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What’s wrong with MacDougal? It’s a fine scottish name. Just need to make sure you name your children Hamish and Morag and you’re all set for an episode of Take the High Road

There are a few English surnames with bottom in them – Ramsbottom, Sidebottom etc. Not so good. Also there’s Pratt (which means an embarrassing fool).

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I knew a poor girl in school with the last name Respects-Nothing.
And not too long after meeting her, her last name said it all.

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What kind of name is Todd Gack anyway?
I think it’s Dutch.

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My dad was working with foreign clients once and he was reading email on his laptop next to me and just says, “aw crap. How would you say this name?” he tilts his screen towards me and points and, no lie, the name is “Dipshit”

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@erichw1504 dont you insult the galactic president like that! Im so naming my first born son Zaphod :)

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That was the last name of my roommate during Freshman year.

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@Blondesjon ford is a good name and all but nothing to zaphod. I mean come on, thats just the most awesome name. Id be friend with a guy named zaphod on his name alone, wouldnt matter even if he was an egotistical jerk :P

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Colastica. It was the name of one of my grampa’s aunts. There was a time in our families, the 1930’s when old family names were left behind for more typically American ones and the old folks had a stink.

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I knew a girl who’s last name was Finger. It was always funny on standardized tests in school where you had to write last then first name. Finger Alice

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I have known of people with all of these last names and they are downright terrible, especially the first two.

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Snodgrass and Crabtree.

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@8Convulsions I know a Crabtree, and he fits the bill perfectly.

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Humpback. I really felt bad for the girl, though.

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There is a fairly famous artist with the last name of Lipchitz

I’ve met a few Asian folks with the last name of Dong.

And there is a composer by the name of Esa-Pekka Solonen.

Fingerhutt isn’t too attractive either.

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@Kardamom Ralph Lauren is Lipschitz.

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An English cricket team player.

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I know somebody with the last name of Dick. The DMV would not allow her to get a personalized license plate

Azhole gets some unfortunate pronunciations too. I had a client with this name.

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Prunesquallor (fictional surname of Alfred and Irma)

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I grew up with a kid with the surname “Crapse.” Seriously. We wanted her to marry this other kid so she could be ”[Name] Crapse-Daly.”

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I know this is a last name thread, but I once new a girl from the Middle East named Shithead. She pronounced it “she-they-ad” but everyone still made fun of her. Poor girl.

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Cobbledick—it was pronounced like that anyways. I’m not so sure about the spelling… was a teacher that taught in my elementary school.

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Griesedieck is one that comes to mind. That poor kid never heard the end of it in grade school. I hate my last name too – although that’s a secret

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I once worked in a place which had an engineer with the last name Crapper. You could hear the receptionist stifling giggles when she had to call him over the PA.

@KateTheGreat There was some guy in the news many years ago (I think he was a UN bigwig or something) called Hammerscheidt. You should have heard newsreaders trying to say it. ‘Mister Hammer-sha-heed’.

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