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Does a tobacco chewer repulse you?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) March 10th, 2009

ok, there’s smokers. and for some reason, you live with that. but tobacco chewers are different animals. are you grossed out by it? do you know somebody who chews? are you a closet tobacco chewer?

on my job, many of my partners do chew. they say it de-stresses them. got a spit cup by your bed? the grill? in a spittoon taking up space in the cup holder of your truck or car? do you chew at work? any female chewers? can you do a whole tin of tobacco in one day?

are you a skoal or kodiak chewer? do you do packs or chunk in the weed right between the cheek and gums? what does it do for you?

anybody remember snuff? what makes you chew this stuff?

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It’s absolutely repulsive

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@patg7590 chewers will say “just don’t swallow.”

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Honestly, watching people spit that shit is much more disgusting than watching someone smoke a cigarette.

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Chewers are VERY repulsive! What’s it doing to their teeth, their breath, & most importantly, their oral health?

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Chewers are nasty…I can’t stand people who spit to begin with, so if you’re spitting nasty brown liquid every few minutes, that’ll probably make me throw up.

Let me put it this way: I’d date a smoker before I’d date a chewer, and I never have and never will date a smoker.

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when i see a chewer, i wonder. must be something about it.

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@charliecompany34 is that a thinly veiled innuendo?

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I am 100% repulsed by tobacco chewing. My middle son’s soccer coach always had a chunk of chaw in his lower lip. My kid was freaked out by the way he talked and was convinced he was sick because he was “always spitting brown stuff.”

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Hahaha… when I first met the man who later became my husband, I told a friend I wanted to ‘have fun’ with him, but couldn’t see it going anywhere because he chews tobacco! Well, you know what they say… love is blind after all.

Spit cups are gross, but whatareyougonna’do? I love the guy. :)

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@augustlan yes, spit cups are gross. the smell is like phlegm and smoke and breath.

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My sisters ex-husband chewed. It was repulsive.

When I worked at the theater I had to clean the theaters for the first year. We would always find the complementary water cups full of warm spit. Just picking it up was gross enough. But half of the time we didn’t see the cup and we would kick them over. And we never bothered to mop them up.

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I hereby claim the word and any form of it “repulsive”
you all have to pay me a nickel each time you use it or find a better word

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it can look just like a cup of coffee, but all this other crusty stuff is around the top part or the rim. it is warm brown spit.

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@charliecompany34, crusty stuff? Warm brown spit? Ewwww! That right there is beyond repulsive.

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o crap repulse was in the question…

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One of my sons dips. Ugh it is sooo gross. He would borrow my truck and when I got it back there would be all of these little shreds of dip everywhere from where he missed getting it into his mouth. Then, he would spit out of the window & get it on the side of the vehicle. Gross, just frickin gross.

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Ahhh… but what if they were chewing tomacco?

Bart: Bleh! Tastes like cigarette butts.
Marge: [takes the half-eaten “tomato”] That’s odd. The outside
looks like a tomato, but the inside is brown.
Lisa: Maybe the tomato seeds crossbred with the tobacco seeds.
Homer: Oh, great, I’ve got a field full of mutants.
Bart: Gimmie. I want more. [grabs back the tomato and eats it]
Lisa: I thought you said it tasted terrible.
Bart: It does. [grinds out the remains of the first tomato] But
it’s smooth and mild. [grabs another] And refreshingly
Homer: Addictive, eh?

Soon, Homer has set up a roadside vegetable stand, complete with a sign that reads, “ToMacco.”

Lisa: Tomacco? That’s pretty clever, Dad. I mean, for a
product that’s evil and deadly.
Homer: Aw, thanks honey.
Marge: Well, I’m not crazy about the plutonium or nicotine, but
it is very nice to see Bart eating his vegetables.

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@augustlan OMG! I can’t even begin to imagine living with a chewer. When I think of all the things that’d entail…oh, my holy cow! I gotta hand it to you. You’ve got guts!

@johnpowell Oh my Lord! They didn’t pay you enough for that job!!!

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Can’t stand spitting. Once walked to school for a year to avoid sharing the bus stop with junior high boys hocking lugies.

Definitely would not date a chewer. Do not want to live with old man missing half his face from cancer.

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@charliecompany34 :: We barely ever tuned on the lights when we cleaned. It made it easier to clean when you can’t see just how bad it is. Most of the spit cups were on the floor so we couldn’t see them until it was already knocked over.

Fun fact: If a movie is really busy we used leaf blowers.
Step 1 : Go in and pick up the big stuff
Step 2 : Run in between each row or seats blowing the crap forward
Step 3 : Look for money
Step 4 : Clean up all the crap that you blew to the front of the theater

We found tons of cash. It was probably 25% of our income.

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I worked with a little guy named Willie who used to chew… It was fucking disgusting.

A friend of mine does these things called Bandits, they’re like little… sachets of chew, but you don’t “chew” ‘em. You just shove ‘em behind your lip and let the good times roll I suppose – he gets pretty goofy off the stuff.

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My ex-husband dipped snuff. It was so disgusting. It would be in his teeth, it made his breath smell awful, and the worst was the spit cups everywhere! He would use water bottles and put the lid on them, but still. barf

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I actually saw this happen: a guy at work that used 7-up bottles to spit in. He also drank 7-up. Yes, he mixed them up and took a big swig. After I stopped gagging, I laughed my butt off at him.

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ever let a chewer go, well, down there? just wondering.

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@chyna drink 7-up and tobacco mixed up in it? gross.

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Back in college I used to smoke cigarettes. It really started out as smoking while I was drinking, and quickly went into 5 times a day and finally went to a pack before I realized I should quit. So my immature thought was I’ll just start chewing to help ease the pain. Well I started chewing to only realize you can chew anywhere. At this point I had stopped smoking unless I was drinking, and chewing only supplemented the habit. After college I realized I needed to quit; my clothes smelled like shit, my fingers always smelled like shit, my breath smelled like shit, but I couldn’t smell it because my senses also went to shit. I decided to quit cold turkey but not before I tried snus. Well I quit smoking and chewing, but I will infrequently throw some snus in which I find much less gross than chewing and smoking.

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No, he picked up the bottle he spit in thinking it was his bottle of 7-up and took a drink.

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…Honestly, just reading this is making me want to throw up. ::shudders::
So, so gross.

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@chyna I’d have laughed, too. Good enough for him! Hope it taught him a lesson!

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Gross. I couldn’t stand it.

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…F u . k

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Yes, totally repulsive.

I was conversing with an older woman in the South a few months ago. The bottom of her front teeth were BLACK. Is this from chewing?

A guy I knew in college was from a real backwoods town in Pennsylvania. He told me that, in high school, at least 80% of the high school boys walked around dipping all day, and at least 30% of the girls did.

These numbers were so unimaginable to me. I’ve never personally been around anyone who participated in such a filthy habit.

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In my freshman year in high school, I started using smokeless tobacco (Copenhagen) and I used it for the next 23 years. I finally quit cold turkey in 2004 (and never looked back) and it was one of the hardest things I ever did because it is horribly addictive.

Everyone who has posted a response here has nailed each and every reason NOT to EVER use chewing tobacco. It started to wear away my gum tissue, at one point I developed pre-cancerous white tissue in my gum line, my breath always stank, always emptying out spit cups, spending 120 dollars a month (or more sometimes) to feed my habit. Yes, it’s all bad and I feel so much better since I’ve quit the habit. It is both disgusting and repulsive all the way around.

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Ewww yes its disgusting. I try to be tolerant of all people and their choices, but I cannot be around someone who is chewing. The smell and the fact that they are spitting every few minutes makes me nauseous, I just cant deal with it.

@girlofscience I think black teeth could be caused by a number of things. I met little girls in mexico with black teeth and i think they were just rotten from neglect.

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This is not to be suggestive but…

Why would anyone put something in their mouth they are not willing to swallow?

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This makes me want to ask for a list of repulsive things, but I know my stomach couldn’t stand it. Still, it would be fun to find the most repulsive substance ever (not those aristocrat crudities, and I do not mean crudite).

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@DrBill: Eh, I put tons of things in my mouth that I am not willing to swallow.

Pens, markers, my fingers, plastic, lids, caps, strings, cords, my phone, the remote control, etc. It is comforting, I guess. Stress relieving.

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@DrBill LOLLL, beats the hell out of me! (not to be suggestive)

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I’m not fussed by the chewing of tobacco itself, it’s the cups/bottles/etc full of brown liquid that gets me. It’s just unpleasant to look at, and to be honest I can’t see how it would taste any better.

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Tobacco chewing is repulsive. When I was a kid in 9th grade health class, we saw what happens to the mouth of a habitual chawer. Ugh. My grandfather was one. I never saw much of him, but when I did, it was with a jaw plugged with Copenhagen. Ick. Ick. Ick.

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Chewers shouldn’t spit,

Smokers shouldn’t exhale.

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I chewed for 30+ years, and I agree with most that it’s a disgusting habit… if you spit. I didn’t, no spit jars anywhere, no spittoons, I swallowed it and enjoyed every minute and tucked my chew in my cheek out of sight.. My teeth had a slight stain but nothing bad, not as bad as a smoker.

I quit 8 years or so ago, when I’m on my death bed I want a fresh can of Copenhagen.

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I can think of worse things, but as long as they aren’t spitting on me, I really don’t care. I did it for awhile when I was younger, but when the girls refused to kiss me, I gave it up.

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Copenhagen kills the bacteria that damage your teeth (pH). If you don’t use it more than 15 minutes and brush your teeth afterwards, it can protect them. Do research before you condemn (a common fluther observation).

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i’m not repulsed by tobacco chewers, but i’m repulsed by tobacco chewing. coincidentally i was at a show the other night to see Flogging Molly and there was a chewing tobacco tent. really? i mean. yuck. a whole tent for chewing tobacco and spitting nasty tobacco spit?
i think smoking cigarettes is pretty nasty too, but not as bluntly so.

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@steve6. I’m amazed that you’re actually praising a really nasty and harmful substance because it has one very small beneficial quality (maybe) that doesn’t even compare to all the worse properties of it. I brush my teeth with Colgate toothpaste and that protects my teeth just fine and I know for a fact that it is MUCH BETTER than Copenhagen is.

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I wasn’t praising it. I just didn’t mention the bad parts, the worst being it’s an irritant to mouth tissue in turn causing cancer.

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When I was in the milary and in college, I had roommates who dipped that crap. I was never fun, knocking over their nasty spit cups, which were everywhere.

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I’ve never come across one in real life. I would imagine it’s not very pleasant though.

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Yes, it is, they are nasty.

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that is so gross, smokers dont bother me, but ppl that dip or chew gross me out! i would never even think of dating someone that chewed or dipped, its just nasty…

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Tobacco chewers don’t repulse me, but their spit containers do, especially when they are clear bottles left to stand for several hours. Stratified spittle, mucous, brown liquid, and tobacco solids layered in a see-through bottle is disgusting. If I took a whiz in a bottle and left it for someone to find, I doubt many people running across it would highly prize that bottle of urine. It’s a similar situation.

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Yes, but no more than people who go around chewing on a big wad of gum…

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When my son was 2 yrs old he took a swig of his grandpa’s chew jug he thought it was milk since it was in a gallon milk jug.I still think about it. Every time I see someone chewing my stomach turns.

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