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Would it be more responsible if the media stops giving the president air time?

Asked by JLeslie (56426points) October 24th, 2018 from iPhone

What the hell?! Now, he’s defending saying he’s a nationalist? He really is a piece of work.

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Saw a poll, think was from CNN but can’t be sure, that showed his approval rating is higher than Obama’s was at the same stage of his presidency.
Something like 47% to 46 in his favour, so as expected he’s playing the media to suit his cause & obviously his core support remains strong, although weird.

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@ucme This morning (it’s 7:30am here) it’s all over my TV that Trump is defending using the word nationalist. He’s saying it means he loves his country.

I’d really like to know if any of our republican jellies, especially the Trump supporter jellies, think it’s ok to be nationalists. Or, if they even see a difference between patriotism and nationalism. That’s probably the question I should have asked.

My TV news is saying the president is doing it to get the republican voters out to the polls. So, the white supremicists love that sort of talk, but the average Republican American? Are they really ignorant enough to defend the term nationalist? I just cannot believe it.

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@JLeslie By definition it’s the entire concept of MAGA. Many people love that about him.

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He also said he was cutting taxes by 10% for working class families next week. Problem is, he says he is sending the bill to congress but they are not in session until after the election. He has stopped even trying to make his lies sound plausible.
If the press weren’t giving him attention, he would be all over Twitter. He is an attention whore.

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Absolutely not. The entire point of news media is to fact check people in power, so completely ignoring Trump would be disatrasous.

However, what they need to stop doing is getting offended by his potty mouth and cover actually policy. Show his rants at his political rally’s and then fact check his ass.

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If they did, nobody would watch or listen to the news. Like him or hate him, he is a story.

It would probably be regarded as irresponsible if the press did not keep an eye on the government. I think that is the idea of the First Amendment.

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No, the media has to report on Trump’s doings as they would any other president. His shallow and contradictory statements and tweets condemn him time and again but his voter base seems oblivious to it. It is a strange phenomenon and a troubling one.

On day 643 of Trump’s presidency his approval rating stands at 43%. It has risen somewhat after taking a dip. Obama’s approval ratings were on the slide at this point in his presidency but he still had the support of 46.4% of the American public.

I think only Reagan and Truman had lower approval ratings than Trump after 643 days in office.

I say we keep the bright light on Trump throughout his presidency. If he can get away with this in the daylight what might he do in the dark?

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Do you think the media, generally speaking, is that smart? After all, they do ask a lot of stupid questions!

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Everyone loves the “idea,” of MAGA @KNOWITALL, but each in their own way. Some just think harder about what that means, and weigh that carefully against what trump means.

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@Dutchess_III And many of us don’t equate ‘nationalist’ with ‘racist’ either. Only on fluther do I get to hear these little jewels…lol

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Doesn’t matter what your political views are and if you hate him or not, you can’t prevent him from talking.
Whether you like him or not, he is our president and unless you would be okay with the media not giving a Democrat airtime, then you shouldn’t ask for it to happen for Trump.
It wouldn’t be more responsible. Everyone has the right to free speech even if you hate what they are saying. All it would do is spark protests and create attention on issues we don’t need to focus on.

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Not sure what my comment about MAGA has to do with dummy trump declaring himself a “nationalist”, but OK.

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I want to make a small addition,
Not all nationalism is bad or negative

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“Problem is, he says he is sending the bill to congress but they are not in session until after the election.”

I saw a video where a reporter called him on that, and his reply was something like he’d send it to them before November but after the election. According to Colbert, that would be Ocvember 46th. ;-)

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@Dutchess_III Well #1, that’s what the question was. #2, you replied to me and my comment was in response to the question. #3 MAGA is based on nationalism.

Definition of nationalism. 1 : loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness (see consciousness 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.

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@SergeantQueen I looked it up and I agree with you. It can be a good thing, but it’s like anything else…taken to excess it becomes something completely different. And trump is obsessed with excess. I just saw an article that he vows to out spend Korea in building nuclear arms. No reason given. Just wants to show that we have more money than them.
The guy has his head so far up his golden ass. He has no business being our president.

Yeah, and @KNOWITALL, he trashed all other presidents because their were times when they considered the interests of other nations, not just our own, and compromised. Trump is a bully. Bullies don’t compromise.

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@Dutchess_III This is the only place I am ever forced to defend Trump (which I resent), simply because of inaccurate information.

The USMCA (with Canada and Mexico) appears to have been a compromise, it’s not all positive for the US.

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NAFTA has been around since 1994. He had no idea what he was signing or what was going on.

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This is the only place I am ever forced to defend Trump. Have you thought very deeply about why that is? Oh wait. You remove people you don’t agree with from your world, if possible.

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@Dutchess_III Do you want to start a fight? lol

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I think that only important topics should be reported otherwise he is just trying desperately to keep himself on every news channel for popularity sake and his own ego.
Media is also a archive holder of ALL the things that he has done good or bad and it will one day come back to bite him.( Democrats just may use some material of clips in Campaigns in future to show what kind of a irresponsible President looks and acts like).
Media remembers and keeps files.

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Unfortunately the media has to keep covering trump. Yes there is Hell and it’s right here, right now.

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If they cover him the right way, like journalists should, there’s no way he’ll get re-elected.

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I don’t know about “responsible” but it would certainly be a huge relief to know that I would never have to hear that voice coming from the radio ever, ever again.

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We said there was no way he’d get elected the first time @rockfan….

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^^I think @KNOWITALL means she isn’t very fond of a lot of things Trump does and says.

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(I was talking to @rockfan in that post @JLeslie .)

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^^I’m talking about what you and @KNOWITALL said. Her saying this is the only place she finds herself defending Trump.

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Well, as I said, it’s because in other areas she gets rid of people who disagree with her. As she mentioned in another thread, apparently she unfriended me on FB (although I don’t recall even having any political discussions with her there.) As a result, most of her world is populated only with people who agree with her.

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@JLeslie You’re correct. I’m glad at least one person here understands. Thanks for taking the time.

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