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Would you mind a Russian spy on Fluther?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (17066points) March 12th, 2018

I think it would be interesting. I’m liking it more, as I think about it.

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^You aren’t Russian enough… I’m not going to get my Russian spy fix from you. With all due respect…..

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^ I voted for Sanders in the primary and Stein the general. I’ve been hating on the Clintons since 1994. I am an anti-capitalist. I see the Russian “meddling” sh*t as reactionary tribal confusion and ignorance that is dangerous to the survival of the human species. How about now?

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As long as they bring some homemade borscht, I’d be down for it.

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^Eh… That’s just you giving opinions. A real spy wouldn’t reveal their identity. I guess you’re the closest thing. We have a new jelly, that fits the description pretty good.
@Tropical_Willie has kind of picked up on the obvious too…

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fine. Я шпион

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I went to a high school that offered a six year Russia language course, but also had three native speakers because they spoke Russian at home (both parents were from Russia before WWII).

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^Cool. I love different cultures.

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Actually, we get along quite well.

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Of course. You know they would try to make me vote for “Great Answers” when I really didn’t think the answer was all that good. And I think @MrGrimm888 is in collusion with them.

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The smell of vodka and cabbage soup in the mansion would ultimately lead to his downfall.

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Honestly though, I doubt Drumpf would welcomed here.

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@ragingloli Nyet tovarich.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if there were spies (Russian, Chinese, Israeli, you name it) on Fluther. But it would be a waste of their time, because what can you learn from here that you couldn’t learn from a thousand other web sites?

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Yeah, what are they going to get monitoring our collective ?

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Not if we know it’s you, comrade…

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I don’t know why you won’t believe me that I’m one.

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^I’m not in collusion. That’s fake news. Damn conservative media….

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Darn….Guess that makes me Breitbart. I don’t feel like Breitbart….

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Fake news doesn’t spread itself.

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Alota Vagina she’s a deep dark maneater

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I guess this got moved to Meta.

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What information they could gather here? Something they could share with Trump!!~~

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@MrGrimm888 – that way you can say you meta russian spy.

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I think only Moose and Squirrel here.

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Russian spy? Why should we care what he/she does for a living? Or does the question assume that any government would squander its assets in “spying” on fluther where there are no secrets to be revealed.

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It not SPY it is robo-trolls and steering of a maybe liberal forum site (like Fluther).

I found a FB identity on a group I’m on with up 16 anti-liberal “Shares” an hour and maxed out at 6 in one minute, how is that humanly possible ? ? ? They had no personal postings like pictures or comments; just re-postings and shares from anti-lberal sites. Oh some days it was 20 hours continuously.

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It’s always a good idea to not say too much about some things.
“Loose lips sink ships.”

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