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Do you enjoy discovering new music?

Asked by rockfan (9684points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I’m a music fanatic and I discover a lot of music through my local library, mostly artists that I’ve never heard of. What about you? Or do you consider yourself a person who only likes the familiar?

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I do not actively seek out new music.
I stumble upon it by accident.
And then only the kind of music I already like.
Because I was born stubborn

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I do, which is why I listen to All Songs Considered on NPR.

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I do when I particularly like it, which isn’t very frequently. That and not wanting to play music where it’s going to impact others, and having difficulty with headphones, have me not look very often.

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I love discovering new music – it is like discovering secret bits of myself I didn’t know existed. However I am very fussy and most new music disappoints me.

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Yes, I like to discover new music. Sometimes I hear things on the radio or on Pandora. Sometimes I find songs through recommended videos on YouTube. Other times it’s something a friend plays in their car (I have one friend whose musical taste is almost identical to mine, so I’m always hearing new great songs from her).

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Although I tend to lean toward the familiar, I LOVE discovering new music!!! I have Padora Premium on my phone with the preference setting of “more like this”. That way, no matter what song or artist I start out with, I’m soon listening to other songs or artists which are similar in style.

I’ve also discovered YouTube to be decent for following similar types of music. When bored, I think of a song that I enjoy & pull it up on YT. Then once it has completed, I click on a recommended by YT to see what else is out there. I have been introduced to some decent songs that way!!!

Personally speaking, I prefer Blues or Jazz which usually means I’m severely limited to the artists available; but, I’m occasionally surprised to discover an up & coming artists whose passion is to preserve those genres!!!

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I love all music and especially new artists. Our local station features new artists, which is fun.

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