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Gailcalled is giving me "points" for...

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) August 21st, 2008

a creative spelling of the word “definitely”. My question to her, and now to the Fluther nation, can these points be redeemed, and if so, for what? An additional question would be, “Can I accumulate points from other sources and redeem them all at the same time?”. For instance, my friend Cindy will ask me a trivia question and say if I get it correct I will get 10points. Can I add these to the points Gail gave me? Lastly, if someone gives you props (“hey, props to you for a job well done”) or a pat-on-the-back (you deserve a pat on the back for your work on the Johnson accounts) can those be turned into points? Really the last questions should be, “Who keeps track of the points?” It can’t be God, because I would think atheists who get points should be able to redeem them, too. I am befuddled and bewildered. Any help?

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If you get enough points they give you a Frizzer with a swimming pool on top of it.

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Most excellent! I always wanted one. How many points do I need?

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If you lose points they put you IN the frizzer :(

with the fish!

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I just pray God do not keep track of points for the things we do or don’t, I’m sure my balance will show a big red number, that would keep heaven’s gates closed for me :s

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I only noticed the “Lurve” thing yesterday. Too bad you can’t see you gave you points. I’d certainly return the gesture.

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Just to be clear, these “life points”, as I call them are different than Lurve. Although, my thinking is Lurve should be able to be added to life points.

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Oh!!! Ok, I got it. Hmm… Do points count towards your next life?

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Sueanne_Tremendous must have started hanging out with petethepothead because she just confused the fuck out of me.

Walker Texas Ranger is on TV right now. I should do work, but, I need sleep. 40.5 hours awake..

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John, go to bed!

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Sueanne’s version makes nine. (definitely); definately, defiantly, definitily, definetly, definitaly, defenitely
deffnitally defenientely (Her’s gets points for deliberate creativity and originality…)* Dephenately*

You’d think that I’d have better things to do with my time.

@Sueanne I love the Hershfeld drawing. My sis was a friend of his Nina. How many Nina’s in yours?)

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@johnpowell: Uh oh. Walker Texas Ranger time means it’s TIME FOR BED. That’s the point of no return—you can’t even justify watching murder she wrote on hallmark channel any more.

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her’s? is there some apostrophe rule i don’t know?

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@Andrew:Oh, you devil, you. I see that you are wearing your glasses, so I can’t plead a lyme tick larva on the keyboard. They are this ( ’ ) size.

Her’s = Her is not paying attention and under too much scrutiny, anyway.

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Wait, does this mean I can count all the “2 points” I award myself for getting the trash into the can and the laundry into the basket?

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How about the category that I call marital frequent flyer miles? These get awarded when one spouse or partner does something for the other when it’s the LAST thing they really want to be doing. For example, giving up a baseball game to take my husband’s mother to the podiatrist = major marital frequent flyer miles.

We have to factor these into the life’s equation somehow, huh?

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baseballnut, yeah those marital frequent flier miles are the same as points. You just get more of them for doing something like that.

It’s like points for driving when it’s not your turn, points for noticing the new haircut right away, points for chopping the onion when it’s killing my eyes, and points for sitting through what turned out to be more of a pointless chick-flick or bromance than either of us thought. All these things and more get you points.

It’s my experience that points can only be redeemed by the receiver to the giver of said points. When my husband gives me points I can redeem them with him but not with other people. So, I can’t ask my grown kid who’s not living with me anymore to come over and rake my lawn by redeeming points which were earned by driving my husband someplace when it wasn’t my turn to drive. (But that would be nice.)

This means, Sueanne, that you can redeem your points given by gailcalled with gailcalled. But you might find that points can sometimes be given by multiple people for the same act. If you think a certain person should give you points for something you can always state that as part of the negotiating process. If you aren’t sure if someone would grant you points, just ask.

Points are redeemed by you and you’re the one who needs to keep track of them, unfortunately. You may have to say something like, “Hey, remember that time when you said I got points for X? Well, I want to cash in.” Then you ask for whatever you want and see if that was enough points to cover it. Sometimes you have to haggle.


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