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How to avoid a mansion shout out at 10k while still answering questions?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26856points) June 4th, 2011

As I creep closer to 10k (seem like it would take forever to get there) I want to avoid the 10k hoopla but not stop answering questions, and though I often feel I have done as much damage here as I am likely to accomplish, I am not quite ready to swim out of the lagoon never to look back. How can I keep answering questions and avoid someone from announcing it when I go over 10k?

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Keep making new accounts.. like Zen

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Announce it yourself!!!

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Just ignore it and let people party on without you?

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Announce it yourself!!! That would leave the foul taste of narcissistic arrogance in my throat I would feel like some bombastic pompous fool; that I could never do.

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You have now announced it. Most people will honor yur request. A few won’t. We can try to stop the party thread.

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Ask Zen, like @talljasperman suggests.

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Instead of a party we can send you to redemption Island and you will have to wait there until @zen finally hits 10 K.

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This question makes me sad =/

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PM one of the mods and ask to be “penalized” for being ”“H_C”. That should be grounds enough.

On second thought just click the contact button at the top of the page.

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Sorry kiddo, a party is inevitable. The Fluther community insist on giving parties for all those that hit milestones. The only way around it is to make a new account like @talljaperman said. Accept the fact that you will have a party, acknowledge it or diss it, then move on. I promise you it will not be the end of the world.:) Enjoy the lurve!

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I was hoping to throw your party. Should I not? :(

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zen just changes his name every 5k or so.
johnpennington completely ignored his 10k page, which I believe brought more attention to it than had he just answered.
I don’t remember which jelly did this, but someone asked for no celebration, and his 10k page was a lot of people saying they aren’t congratulating him.

I understand how you feel. In life, I hate it when my sisters have a birthday party for me. Christmas gift getting is agonizing for me. I don’t want that kind of attention.
On the other hand, this isn’t a party celebrating a random event. Hitting the 10, 20, 30K milestones are huge deals. You should allow people to tell you what a good job you’ve done.

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Ha ha, I managed to make it past 10K w/o anyone noticing. Got caught ont he next one, though.

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@syz, should we throw you a belated 10K partay?

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No, thanks, surely it’s passed the statute of limitations!

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Captain Fantasy (remember him?) asked if he could opt out of having a party thrown for him. Someone asked the question anyway, and he deleted his account shortly after. As far as I know, he didn’t make a new account. :/

Just ignore the question if you don’t want one. I know there have been at least a couple people who never answered their party question. No big deal. Some people don’t like to be put in the spotlight I’d rather not have one if I ever reach 30k @Hypocrisy_Central. I understand

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Just suck it up and say thank you.

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@FutureMemory why does this question make you sad?

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I’m with @Rarebear

Why the control freakishness?

It’s part of the Fluther fun , just let it happen, and you can decide whether or not you want to come to your own party.

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Why would you want to miss the celebrations??? :-(

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You don’t have to attend the party. Just don’t follow it, if it happens.

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@JilltheTooth Ask Zen, like @talljasperman suggests. I don’t want to start over, the second time around would be a total bore, when I kill off my account I will be gone like Billy wishing me into the “corn field” I will never be back in this life or any others. I am not sure what more I can do here or reasons to hang around less to piss a bunch of people off, but I am not quite tossing the towel yet.

@Cruiser Instead of a party we can send you to redemption Island and you will have to wait there until @zen finally hits 10 K. Interesting……but he might keep bailing before he gets there and I would never get out; if I were Zen I might see the point to coming back again and again. ;-)

@Tropical_Willie PM one of the mods and ask to be “penalized” for being ”“H_C”. That should be grounds enough. Nah, they made me wait 3 months for one of my few Gold Ingots, so I got “penalized” already…. <—wink wink—>

@KatawaGrey I was hoping to throw your party. Should I not? :( Awwwww….how sweet of you. I guess it would come down to how you announced it, jury is still out on that one. :-)

@Coloma @mangeons Why the control freakishness? Why would you want to miss the celebrations??? :-( Believe me I would be the last to feel I had any control over this process or many more for that matter. I am going to say it like this, and I know many won’t understand, I don’t really see it as my party. It would seem more to me as if I ran to be union president but got beat by a landslide but before the winner could take office he/she died in a plane crash on the way back from a trout fishing getaway and the bylaws said I get it because I had the second most votes. Their would be a celebration and people patting me on the back and wishing me well but it would only be because the money was spent and they did so to be polite, civil, or courteous, not because I was really supported to be there. I believe if I could count it all up 93% or more of all my larve, lurve, or whatever came by my dogged participation not by being blessed by it not to say there were none that have, because some did quite a bit I feel. It has the feel to me that it is more out of tradition, decorum, or whatever than anyone really noticing, @FutureMemory was one of the very few who even chatted or PMed me or mentioned it; other than that it was way under the radar.

Damn, added another 5 points.

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l. We could just have a party and say an unnamed source” just hit 10K.
2. I have often been advised to simply skip the questions I don’t like.

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Unnamed Jelly that sounds right, hopefully there will be someone else arriving at the same time and they can put their name on it.

D’oh!!! Another dang 5 points…

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@anartist I was going to throw him his party. I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile now =/

<cries in the corner>

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It’s an imaginary party bestowing upon you an imagined gift that you don’t even need to show up to.

I don’t see why that even warrants this question.

It draws attention to your lurve.

So… wtf?

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I have to agree with @asmonet. Sorry @Hypocrisy_Central, this just feels like attention seeking. If you don’t want the attention, you have a strange way of going around avoiding it. As I said further up, just ignore the party if it happens. That’s what others have managed to do very successfully.

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And that is why I don’t care to have it. If I acknowledge it I am attention seeking, if I ignore all the well wishers I am rude, so before it gets here and I get accused of wanting pats on the back I am saying if you do it, do it in a way my name is not attached. You try to make everyone happy you assure no one will be happy.

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Can I opt out of my 10k party?

This was Captain_Fantasy’s question. He disabled his account about a week after the question was asked. Hardly attention seeking if you ask me. I think those that don’t want the party are trying to avoid the attention. just my opinion

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So just quietly ask the mods to remove such a post and to quietly let the poster know it is at the 10k person’s request.

That way, it just goes by without the fuss.

I believe we are not supposed to post questions with people’s names in them and so the mods should be able to adhere to that rule.

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You’ve written over 675 words in this thread alone and you’re worried about declining to say one word in a thread that may or may not happen and risk being rude?

If you’re willing to spend all this energy on telling us we shouldn’t be nice to you, assuming of course anyone will care or remember – then yes, it is rude if you can’t manage to say THANKS.

One word, one gracious non dramatic thank you and move along. You don’t even have to participate in the festivities.

It would take you several seconds. You’ve been popping back in here over the last fourteen hours.

C’mon dude. There have to be bigger concerns in your life than people being happy for you, expressing it and expecting nothing from you.

If it bothers you, ask the mods to pull it.

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@asmonet Let me “control freak” this right now so we all know what will happen. @FutureMemory @KatawaGrey you can get together and figure who will call it if you don’t get beat out by @ augustlan she seem to catch them all first. To those who genuinely care to show up I thank you but don’t feel I am thumbing my nose at you when I don’t show up or ignore it totally. Those who don’t care and won’t remember you won’t remember this conversation so se le vie. Now can we all be happy? Sad to say I am not leaving yet a la Captain Fantasy (and I remember him) or starting over like Zen. If @Judi @ANef_is_Enuf @jonsblond @Blueroses @KatetheGreat @Mariah and @worriedguy are on the guest list I might do a “drive by ‘hi’ ”. Only because over the past month I had more PM chatter with them, not because those not mentioned are terrible people. OK?

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Just over 200 more lurve to go!

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Does all this seem rather disingenuous or is it just me ?

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@Buttonstc I really don’t think it is. There is an old timer who quit for some time because she was not happy with the party threads. To her, and I’m sure many others, the party threads seem disingenuous. I find pm’s to be more personal and meaningful. Many have asked (and answered) the threads just to gain lurve. I know most users who answer are being kind, but honestly, it’s kind of sad when your best answers are those coming from party threads. I don’t want my best answer here being “Yay…....Congrats!........Yay!”. I’d like to know my best answer was one that was helpful. but that’s just me

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To those who said “ask the mods to remove it”, unfortunately, that’s not really workable. We’d have to babysit the meta section for days, because everyone would think no one else had asked it yet and promptly post another one.

As I answered in that other question:

If enough people see this question, maybe you won’t get one. But, it seems likely that someone will ask the 10K question for you, and it won’t get removed. Of course, you’re free to completely ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable.

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Hypo_ gave me the go ahead ;)

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@FutureMemory: I’ll fight you! :-P

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@KatawaGrey Oh I like it rough =P

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@Hypocrisy_Central You’ll get a party, like it or not. You are one of the most interesting and divisive characters on this site and every lurve point you have, is an earned point. Nobody’s going to let that milestone slip by unnoticed. Think of it as one time where nobody is going to flame you and you might get some surprising feedback .

Or…. If anyone could make their own lurve-fest into something different and memorable, I suspect it would be you. :-)

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@Blueroses You are one of the most interesting and divisive characters on this site and every lurve point you have, is an earned point. thank you your answer gave me a 3 minute chuckle and there is little that can get a laugh out of me. You bet that right earned, I think I have some records no one can beat; longest streak of questions with a bagel, zip, na da; _least earned in 100 questions, just to start off.

Think of it as one time where nobody is going to flame you and you might get some surprising feedback. It is going to be a “roast”, a “Hypororotisserie Centgrill”? I could show for that, I would want to hear what people really thought.

“Divisive” I am still chuckling as I say I can piss them off on the right as well as the left so at least everyone is treated equally, but they must be listening someone or it is what got passed the finger they were trying to stop their ears up with.

Sure, I will toast a roast. ;-) Again THANK YOU your answer truly gave me a good moment this afternoon and a smile from ear to ear.

We are civil people here @FutureMemory @KatawaGrey you can let the Collective decide if you trust them. ;)

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Only 106 lurve to go!

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@FutureMemory I am cobbling the fire wood and the gasoline as we speak….roast on!

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There. See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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@Rarebear To be honest I didn’t get a roast like this, I am still mystified why it never happened; I know so many wanted to.

They got their lurve and the timbers and gas went untouched, unless they are saving them for when I visit their threads, but glad they went, someone dropped a load of fizzers in the toilet even the commodes that didn’t work.

But the honeymoon is over the Irukandji rides again!

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