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What culture do you find the most interesting?

Asked by NecroKing (328points) August 21st, 2008

I like the Japanese, the ancient race such chivalry and honor.

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i liked the Spartan race best.

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Intruging sounds dirty

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Uh…what culture do you find interesting? you know what do you like, and wrestle damn you and your spartans!!

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what can a fighter do?

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I like delusional teenage American boy culture.

Wait, no… No I don’t….

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really? ....LOL

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I like this one. It’s fascinating!

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I, for some strange reason, have a fascination towards Russia and China. I watched the two series’ ‘Wild China’ and ‘Russian: A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby’ and then bought the DVDs. For some reason they captivate my imagination and histories that intrigue me. I don’t know what it is about them, I really don’t, but it excites me to a small extent to read and watch (the DVDs) about the countries, they just seem so far away (which they are), completely different cultures from the west. It’s brilliant. If anyone can help me pinpoint why I like them so much please do help :) The two countries have been a point of interest for years now.

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I love the scots and the irish.

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Culture Club, totally.

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I am very interested in Greek culture, particularly that of Athens. I also like Byzantine culture. It is too hard to pick just one!

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i like the romans

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corrupt bureaucrats.!

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Klingons and Borg.

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Let me guess Star Trek?

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can’t get anything past you…

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True sometimes. ;)

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I think he was talking to me.

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oh, okay then.

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Horticulture- nothing beats homegrown veggies.

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The one on the planet DELTA, which has a highly sophisticated attitude towards sex…

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The reggae band, Culture, is my fav!

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Sounds cliché, I know, but… India.

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Middle Eastern cultures. Especially that of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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Ah, I respect you then Allie

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Morning Everyone!!!

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NecroKing: Thanks. (??)

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Don’t mention it…:)

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I am totally infatuated with Japanese culture, as much with the modern culture and technology and everything as well as their philosophy… on pretty much everything…

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Sumerians. 6th Mil.BC-4th Mil. BC.

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I think i like any great ancient civilazations… When I was younger I used to read a lot about the Greeks and Egyptions. Their myths and philosophies, etc. I like reading anything about the past, not really into modern cuture today—except for maybe Tribal Cultures. I’m into Tribes and Mysticism. Japanese culture is pretty cool, Italian too.


Both ancient Chinese culture and traditional Japanese culture.

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