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Can you please help me identify this coin? Or what could've happened to it?

Asked by Magical_Muggle (2165points) November 11th, 2018

So I have this coin, that is not like others… and I can’t seem to figure out what its deal is?
This is an Australian coin by the way, I hope you guys can still help!
Here is the picture of it, plus a comparison to a ‘regular’ Australian $1 coin. It’s quite mutilated on one side which is the most perplexing thing about the coin, that and it’s much bigger than a typical $1 coin but the same thickness (so it hasn’t been flattened).
So… if anything can tell me a bit about the coin? I can’t seem to find anything…
Thank you!

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Looks like you’ve got a scratched up commemorative coin.

It was issued in remembrance of ADF nurses in the world wars.

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Looks like someone took a dremel to it.

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Thankyou @hrairoo ! I couldn’t seem to find a link at all, but that definitely explains it, plus the size difference!
I’m still very confused as to what happened to the coin or why, @Jeruba that might be it!
The placement of destruction is a bit odd on my mind but I might be reading into it a bit much… I don’t know if it’ll ever be explained, I don’t even know how I came into possession of it in the first place!

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It might have fallen into some rotating equipment.

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