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Do you ever bait scammers?

Asked by josie (28695points) 3 months ago
A buddy of mine just exposed me to videos like this one.
I think the videos are hysterical.
I almost wish one of them would call me so I could work them over. Have you ever baited a scammer?

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Never been to an apple store.

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I haven’t personally, but you’ll enjoy this guy’s videos.

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I will occasionally play along for a while but a good friend of mine is a master at it.

He even has several alter egos for this very purpose, his favorite being “Chin Lee” a gentleman of Chinese descent . He will lead on telephone scammers for as long as he can figuring if he can keep them tied up they cannot be scamming others.

He also does it with email scams (although those have fallen off in recent years). I recall one that went on for at least a dozen response interactions that involved only being able to send money in Brazilian Reals for some reason and being delayed because his son, who had the checkbook, was on a Sea Shepherd ship pursuing Russian sperm whalers in the Antarctic and not being sure when they would be back in port.

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Beautiful. I’m getting some great ideas here.

Watching these videos, I have learned how to run syskey.exe on their computers.
I don’t think Windows 10 has syskey anymore, but if they have an earlier version, I just might be able to mess them up.

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No, but I have tried to play along with Jehvoah’s Witnesses who knocked on my door. It never got very far. They might ask if I would like everlasting happiness. When I said yes, they just tried to leave me with some pamphlet. After I refused, they just went to the next house.

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Yes, I’ve baited, pranked and abused them (and some telemarketers) in various ways. An easy one is to ask them to hold on a minute, and then play them this
. I found that some of them will wait on hold with that for quite a while without hanging up – perhaps phone-bankers being paid by the hour, or just soul-dead people spacing out and not listening.

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I have sometimes.
I have sometimes interrupted their script to say, have you tried such and such? Their products really do the trick. Then I go on trying to sell them something.
I have given them phone numbers of people who might benefit more than me, people I was angry with at the time.

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IRS not speaking English so good for me.

1040 EZ peazie, that’s funny.

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@ josie Do you ever bait scammers?

I don’t fish.

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Hilarious! How is he talking like that?

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LOLL!! “Denomination….”

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