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Any use for these broken glasses?

Asked by Jeruba (51918points) November 15th, 2018

My old pair of midrange prescription eyeglasses broke right in half: the bridge snapped in the middle.

So I have one left frame, lens, and earpiece and one right frame, lens, and earpiece.

I sort of sat on them. Well, I didn’t like them much in the first place, and anyway, now I have new ones.

It feels weird to just drop them in the trash, but I don’t know what else could be done with them. Any ideas, without making a major project out of it?

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I suggest have them repaired as back-up.

I regretted I didn’t get a second pair with 50% off when I got prescription glasses for the very first time. I thought why would I need a back-up?

Now that I’m using them most of the time I’m worried I might lose them and have to spend money again on prescription and of course getting new ones.

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Repair them with masking tape. Get a short sleeve dress shirt and a pocket protector and you’re all set with a nerd costume.

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If you don’t want to keep them, they can be donated. Often, the lenses can be reused. Check with the optometrist.

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Ask your supplier if they can be recycled. My eyeglass supplier has a bin in the office for them.

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