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Anything good in your newspaper today?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22167points) 3 months ago from iPhone

Or news website.

Just found out from film critic Michael Sullivan that the Coen Bros. have a new film that opens today, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Positive and entertaining review to read. I’m sold.

Will see it today either in a theater or streaming.

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You mean besides the comics, the crossword, and the Sudoku??

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^^ Which comics particularly?

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I loved the story about the toy monkey that reunited members of a family separated and lost in fleeing Nazi Germany, but it wasn’t today. I heard it on NPR on Wednesday and read it on the NPR website yesterday. It’s a good enough story to still neutralize some poison today.

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Fish & chips…nah not really, they don’t do that anymore.

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You forgot “Dear Abby,” @kritiper.

Well, it would appear we are in a bit of hormonal trouble

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Comics, let’s see…
Shoe, Sally Forth, Intelligent Life, Herman, Zits, Lola, Blondie, Mother Goose and Grimm, Luann, Pearls Before Swine, Phoebe and Her Unicorn, and Pickles. I’m sure there are more great strips, but this is what this paper has…

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Family Circle?

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We have The Family Circus, which doesn’t make my “To Read” list. A waste of paper!

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There is good in my local newspaper every day. I don’t read it every day though. People complain it isn’t serious enough. It has stories of nice things happening around town, people who help each other, and what’s going on at the high school, and the days’ events coming up like what bands are playing tonight and this time of year arts and crafts shows and free concerts and toys for tots locations.

I had a column written about me when I started my Zumba class. My husband had a mention when he gave a talk at a club about his racing experience.

The paper leans right, so right now it overall reports positive news regarding the government. Positive slant anyway. Not that every day it has a political story, it doesn’t.

It’s a substantial sized paper with several sections, but in some ways it’s like a community flyer. I love that it’s full of positive local news, for serious news you can read online.

Here is the local paper online, but it doesn’t have everything. It’s not like getting the paper.

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The muderer of a local with Munchausen by proxy, was convicted of dirst degree murder. After trying to use being on the autism spectrum as a defense. Gypsy Blanchard case.

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I looked that case up. What a mess @KNOWITALL.

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@Dutchess For sure, many people are upset the victim, Gypsy, is doing any time. They pulled out her teeth, gave her meds she didnt need, locked her in her room, scammed charities for money, horrific life for that child. Jail is better than that life.

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Who is “they”? I thought it was only her mother.

Some people get what they deserve. Too bad our justice system isn’t really set up to acknowledge that. She really needed mental rehab, not jail time.

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@Dutchess Somehow all the doctors fell for it and put the kid thru hell. Its a huge deal here.

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Oh, yeah. I see. Yes. There are some parents…in fact, more and more…that just want to put their kids on drugs of some kind for whatever reason. Is the two year old acting like a two year old? He’s ADHD. Drugs. And the doctors go along with it. I don’t understand it.

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^^ Understand the profit motivation. That would suffice.

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What do the parents get out of it?

My granddaughters biological mother has had her on allergy medicine for 4 years for no fucking reason. My son took her to the doc yesterday and had them take her off of it.

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