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Is this too much?

Asked by filmfann (52224points) June 21st, 2017

I am a moderate.
I voted for Hillary.
I am not a gun enthusiast, though I do own one.

The Washington Post headline today:

Yeah, it sounds like a lot when it’s shouted in a headline, but I have 5 boxes of bullets, which comes in around 250 rounds.
That isn’t a lot, is it?
Is the headline hyperbolic?
What is too much?

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The “GOP gunman” was a whack job, domestic terrorist with a history of violence. In his case having more than a dozen bullets would be excessive.

Do you frequently practice shooting? In that case, having a full box and a partially opened box would make sense. Anything more than that is excessive.

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I have 0 rounds, so it sounds like a lot to me. Did he have all those rounds with him at the time? If so, then it’s possible 200 people could have died. THAT sounds like a lot to me.

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Of course it is hyperbole. But the newspaper headline writer thought that “200 rounds” was scarier (and therefore more click bait) than “4 average size boxes”

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A lot for a revolver.
Not worth mentioning for a gatling gun.

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Depends on the caliber if it’s 22lr 200 is nothing, hell that would not last an hour at the range. 200 in 50 cal is a lot, for others like 9mm, .223 it’s a typical amount. People by ammo in bulk because it’s cheaper. Prices usually only go up so it’s also thrifty. I know people who reload and have thousands of rounds. Context here is everything. If someone is “carrying” that many with them loaded into magazines and they are not going to the range or something it should be a red flag. Just storing four boxes or so of 9mm then not so much.

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200 rounds seems a significant amount if you’re using them to shoot politicians .

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FMJs, or target rounds, usually comes in 50–100 round boxes (for most handgun ammo.) JHPs , or defense rounds, come in boxes of 20–25. If he had 200 rounds of JHP, that’s a little much. Otherwise, it’s not a lot of ammo…

I usually have 1–2 boxes of target, and a box of defense rounds per weapon. I own more than a few guns…

If it’s shotgun, I keep 25 shells of 00 buck, and 100 target shells…

.223, and 22LR, much more…

I know lots of people who have thousands of rounds, per weapon. It just depends on the person….

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You probably never will, but if you ever really need it, it won’t be enough.

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My 250 rounds are insurance in case society falls.

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Around here 200 rounds of ammo is cause to run to the store. 22LR ammo is usually purchased in bricks of 500. 10 boxes of 50. In high school we were each given a box of 50 to use in class.
That said, some ammo is very expensive costing more than $1.00 a round. 250 rounds of armor piercing 7.62s might be considered excessive while 1000 rounds of 22LR is nothing.

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