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Reheat lobster Mac n cheese?

Asked by Emily1960 (15points) 3 months ago

Thank you for letting me join! How do I reheat lobster Mac n cheese?

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I would cover it in foil and do it in the oven at about 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. You could microwave it but the cheese sauce might separate a bit. Make sure it is in an oven-proof dish.

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I would microwave on 60% for 30 seconds, stir, check if it warned at all, and assuming it still is cool, do it again.

Did you eat it already?

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If you microwave it, the lobster will get chewy, and the pasta will get gooey.
Put it in a 250 oven until it is warm to your liking.

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The microwave may heat faster; but it also could be more disastrous faster & easily ruin a good dish!!! I often use the oven on 250 when it’s something I really want to enjoy!!! The other things that I’ve found to be successful is to do a pot in pot heating. Take a ramekin, add the dish you want to reheat, cover with foil, place a couple of knives or spoons (whatever you have that will lay in your boiler, add water to the boiler, place ramekin on top of the knives (or whatever) & bring water to a boil. This doesn’t usually take very long to heat whatever is in the ramekin. Just make sure the ramekin stays above the water level so you don’t have water getting in your food. This should just steam it back to life!!! I discovered this while using my Instant Pot & discovered it works well on the stove on a day my IP was busy

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If you do go the microwave route, you can take it out of the fridge 30–60 minutes before so it gets closer to room temp, then it’s in the microwave a shorter time. Like I said don’t heat on full power. I’m not pushing for the microwave, just giving some tips. I like not to dirty a pan or baking dish for leftovers. Laziness, I hate cleaning dishes.

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^ I usually take whatever I need to reheat out of the fridge earlier & I use 50% power with short times until I reach the desired temp. That is..unless it’s soup or something that won’t ruin. I just don’t think that Lobster Mac & Cheese would do well in the microwave & it sounds way to delicious to ruin!!!

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